Man returns dog feces left by neighbor

A resident of the city of Adelaide, Australia, bothered by a dog’s feces, left in his garden by the animal’s guardian neighbor, decided to return them in an envelope to the woman’s mailbox. The case was shared by Ashley Mckay in a sequence of videos published on Facebook.

In the images, the woman and her dog appear on Ashley’s lawn. Through the camera, the man is able to observe the moment when the animal begins to defecate, and the woman turns her attention to the street.

The next record shows the man holding an envelope with a message. “To the owner of the little white dog. This belongs to you!”, wrote Ashley, who then films the contents of the package: the now collected feces.

Afterwards, the Australian completes his revenge plan by depositing the order in the neighbor’s mailbox. Before leaving, he even films the license plate of the car parked in front of the house.

One person commented on the post asking if the woman responded to the bounce. Ashley then says: “Not yet, we’ll see what she has to say this afternoon when Channel 10 goes to her house and asks for a comment”, in reference to a report by a local station.

When you let your dog shit on my lawn, you get a special gift in the post

Posted by Ashley Mckay on Sunday, November 20, 2022

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