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The animals behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Cosmo and Lucky the Pizza Dog officially find themselves in an adorable photo begging for a crossover.

Shortly after the debut of one of their franchises, the animals behind the marvel cinematic universe‘s Cosmo and Lucky the Pizza Dog met in an adorable photo. Cosmo the Spacedog already made his MCU debut with the original Guardians of the Galaxy film, set among the various exhibits at the Collector’s Zoo in Knowhere, escaping after the Power Stone explodes. After briefly appearing in one of the end credits scenes of the 2017 sequel, Cosmo made his proper return in Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special and is already working on making new friends with his MCU counterparts.

The official Instagram account of dog actor Solavanco recently shared a photo of the golden retriever standing next to another retriever named Slate. The caption of the adorable photo reveals that Slate was the dog behind Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special‘s Cosmo, officially bringing the MCU’s new she and Lucky the Pizza Dog together. Check out the team lineup below:

Cosmo & Lucky the Pizza Dog’s MCU Futures Explained

Cosmo in the Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special

After primarily being a supporting actor in the first two films, and Disney+ What if…?Cosmo is poised to become a proper MCU character after his appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special🇧🇷 While the nature of his role remains unclear, Cosmo will return to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3voiced again by Borat 2 breakout star Maria Bakalova, reportedly helping the starting lineup tackle Will Poulter’s Adam Warlock and Chukwudi Iwuji’s High Evolutionary. Considering the MCU trio is expected to wrap up James Gunn’s trilogy and finish off his Guardians team’s stories, it seems possible that Cosmo’s future in the franchise won’t have much to offer, albeit with the character serving as the protector of Nowhere in the comics, she can take this position.

Lucky the Pizza Dog, introduced on Disney+ Archer hawk as a stray rescued by Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop also has a very ambiguous MCU future. With Steinfeld expected to return and potentially continue the Hawkeye mantle of Jeremy Renner’s original archer, it seems likely that Lucky will appear on screen again at some point in the future, if only for a brief moment while Kate leaves to work with the young man. Avengers. Given away Archer hawk didn’t adapt one of the comic book fan-favorite Lucky stories centered solely on him as he embarks on an adventure based on the Russian mob, one would hope that he would get the chance to return in a big way, rather than just a small appearance.

The biggest question on some audiences’ minds right now is whether a Cosmo and Lucky the Pizza Dog marvel cinematic universe crossover will happen in the future. Given that the latter is largely contained to Earth, while the former is located at the farthest edge of the galaxy, it seems unlikely that the two lovable heroes will ever meet. However, with the threat of Kang the Conqueror looming over the MCU and hoping to bring heroes of all stripes along with Avengers: The Kang Dynasty by 2025, the door may not be fully closed for the two to cross paths in the future.

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