Measure to ‘darken the Sun’ studied by scientists against global warming

Scientists around the world are looking for ways to slow down the global warming and a new measure has been studied for some time and has gained strength in the scholarly community. This is the possibility ofdarken the sun”.

Called Solar geoengineering, the technique it is the release of reflective particles into the atmosphere to reduce the heat that the planet absorbs. THE radiation emitted by the Sun would be the same, but a smaller part of it would reach the earth’s surface.

It is worth mentioning that the procedure does not actually darken the Sun, but only reduces the radiation emitted to try to slow down global warming. The idea has been gaining strength to become reality and leave the field of science fiction.

Recently, the White House announced a five-year study plan on the subject to try to reverse the failure to achieve its climate goals. Scientists have discovered that suspended particles in the atmosphere can cool the Earth.

The technique consists of injecting sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere.🇧🇷 Although there is a certain consensus that the idea would work, at least in theory, concerns about its impacts are great, which makes part of the scientists afraid.

Critics of the idea say the side effects around the world could include extreme events, such as floods, in unexpected locations. It remains to be seen whether geoengineering would be the only or last solution against the global warming.

And you, do you think this idea will go forward? Tell us in the comments down below!

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