Number of places for Africa in the Cup is ‘unfair’, says Ghana coach

Ghana coach protests against the number of places for Africa in the World Cup: 'It's unfair'

Ghana coach protests against the number of places for Africa in the World Cup: ‘It’s unfair’

The selection of Ghana
debuted at the World Cup Qatar
with a loss to Portugal, in a game valid for Group H, which still has Uruguay and South Korea. Necessarily needing the victory against the South Koreans and with the possibility of no African team advancing to the knockout stage, for the second time in a row, coach Otto Oddo was very uncomfortable with the situation.

For the coach of the Ghanaian national team, the fact that the African continent has only five places for the world
with 55 countries in the dispute, “makes evolution difficult” and “is unfair”.

“Africa has 55 countries and I think it deserves more places. There has never been a starting point where everyone has the same chance at the beginning. It’s very difficult with five places to evolve. If you have 12 or 15 places, I don’t remember how many there are in Europe , you are likely to grow faster, twice as much as African teams, no matter the quality. It is unfair. We will try to improve”, complained Otto.

None of the five African teams won in the debut of the world Cup
from Qatar. Morocco and Tunisia drew their opening games, while Senegal, Ghana and Cameroon were defeated. In the second round, the Tunisians lost and the Senegalese won.

Otto Addo declared his open support for at least one of the African teams to advance to the round of 16 of the World Cup in Qatar, since, according to him, “everybody still has a chance”.

“Sometimes the coach makes the wrong decision, sometimes the other team is very good, sometimes the referee makes the wrong decision, sometimes someone is sleeping. It’s very difficult, we need more luck, but we have to work for that luck. So far, nothing has happened, everyone still has a chance, some more and some less. I’m praying that at least one or two teams advance to the next stage”, concluded Addo.

Ghana is back on the field this Monday, against South Korea, at 10 am (Brasília time), needing a victory to not get complicated in the last round of Group H.

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