Oceanic+ for Apple Watch Ultra is a dive computer

Apple announced on Monday (28) the launch of the application Ocean+which records various details of dips deeper, using the unique sensors of the apple watch ultra🇧🇷

The application had been presented along with Ultra at Apple’s September event, but it only reached the App Store this week.

The app is the result of a partnership with Apple, which worked with the developers to build a tool that would make the most of the Ultra’s sensors. Apple apparently preferred not to develop its own app for this type of registration and called an external company to do so.

Apple Watch Ultra is EN13319 certified (a recognized standard for diving equipment) and can function as a dive computer up to 40 meters.

With Oceanic+, the watch displays current depth, no-decompression dive limit, water temperature, as well as maximum depth, ascent rate and battery level.

The app also includes safety warnings such as very fast ascent speeds and dive recommendations.

The app is now available on the App Store and can be installed for free. However, it needs a monthly subscription to be used, purchased within the application itself.

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