Pope meets with cardinal embroiled in financial scandals

Cardinal Becciu even said Francis ‘wanted his death’

28 november
– 08:31 am

(updated at 08:37)

Pope Francis received last Saturday (26), in a private audience at the Vatican, Cardinal Angelo Becciu, accused in two cases of financial embezzlement and one of criminal association, the religious himself informed ANSA this Monday (28).

Becciu even said that the Pope 'wanted his death'

Becciu even said that the Pope ‘wanted his death’

Photo: ANSA / Ansa – Brazil

According to the cardinal, “it was, as always, a cordial meeting”.

“In addition to providing him with clarifications that I thought necessary, I expressed to him and renewed my absolute devotion. He encouraged me by renewing the request to continue to participate in cardinal celebrations. The Holy Father authorized me to make this public,” he added.

Despite the statements, the Holy See has not officially commented on the meeting and it is not officially included in the Catholic leader’s agenda for the 26th.

The news of the meeting comes after the revelation that the cardinal recorded a conversation with Francis without the pontiff’s knowledge and the presentation of an interception in which Becciu said that the head of the Catholic Church “wanted his death”. In the conversation, the religious still said that Francis was a bad person and agreed with a friend, also investigated, Giovanna Pani, when she called the Pope a “coward”.

Becciu is being judged by the Vatican over the purchase of a high-end building in London, while the cardinal was the “number 2” of the powerful Secretariat of State, between 2011 and 2018. The suspicion is that the money he should have gone to the São Pedro Pence, a charitable organ of the Catholic Church, was diverted to the purchase of the building.

In addition, the religious responds to a lawsuit at the Holy See for the diversion of funds from Cooperativa Spes – the local operating arm of the Catholic NGO Cáritas – to relatives and friends. One of Becciu’s brothers, Antonino, is responsible for managing the non-governmental organization in Ozieri, Italy.

Last week, the Vatican prosecutor reported that the religious is the target of a new investigation into Cooperativa Spes for criminal association. Who is dealing with the case directly is the Court of Sassari, which has already transmitted to the Vatican the results of the investigations carried out by the Italian authorities. 🇧🇷

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