Richarlison inspires music from a DJ friend, who played with the star in a team from Espírito Santo

The “Dance of the Pigeon” is already in the mouths, and in the bodies, of Richarlison fans. Now, the Brazilian national team forward is inspiring other songs with his nickname. DJ Mesquita, a countryman of the star from Nova Venécia, in Espírito Santo, now launches “Tropa do Pombo”. Friend of the star, the capixaba already introduced the new funk to the player, which he seems to have liked. Pruuu!

— As the “Dança do pigeon” already existed, to honor him now we decided to create a new song, the “Tropa do pigeon”. We launched two weeks ago. I wrote with MC Lone. Now, I’m waiting for Brazil to pass the stage. Who knows, maybe we’ll make some music for the grand finale? says the 19-year-old DJ.

Still living in Espírito Santo lands, DJ Mesquita met Richarlison when the two played in the same soccer team in the city, but in different youth categories.

DJ Mesquita Photo: Disclosure

— I dreamed of being a football player, I was a striker, but unfortunately, I had injuries and these situations keep us away from the sport. Then music opened doors for me.

DJ Mesquita’s first work of national expression was a remix of the song “Dança do Pombo”, released in 2014 by MC Faísca. The capixaba accelerated the beats of the music. And it is this version that the star of the Brazilian national team has shared on his networks.

— I got permission to use MC Faísca’s voice and did the remix. It’s nice to see the song going viral again. When I made the version, I didn’t send it directly to Richarlison, but he ended up seeing it, posting it and always tagging me. When he shared it for the first time, I started to receive many messages and saw new invitations to shows – says the DJ, who has been doing an average of 20 shows per month.

‘Dance of the Pigeon’

Released in 2014, the song that became Richarlison’s nickname in 2018 had a not so noble inspiration, as MC Faísca, from São Gonçalo, in the Metropolitan Region of Rio, recalls.

— I was at Praia de Charitas, in Niterói, with my girlfriend (now a wife), when a pigeon flew and soiled my shirt. I was angry, the clothes were brand new. I got home, everyone made a joke and then I imitated a pigeon. The children had fun. Since I already wrote and produced songs, I decided to talk about it. Initially, I posted it on YouTube, it didn’t have so much repercussion, because they told me that nothing would work. Until two months later it started to go viral. I took advantage of that peak, but years later the music stopped playing. Until in 2018, Richarlison, when he wanted to pay homage to the boys on the national team, showed up dancing to my song. That’s how it turned out — says MC Faísca.

Since then, Faísca managed to close advertising campaigns, went to TV programs and saw the number of shows increase. Life has improved a lot, but still not enough to live on music alone. Today he works as an app driver. The interview with EXTRA, for example, last Friday, was done between races. With the Cup, Faísca hopes to start a new phase in his career.

MC Faísca works as an application driver
MC Faísca works as an application driver Photo: Reproduction

— I’m already happy watching the national team play, but seeing that it was Richarlison who scored the goal was an explosion. Especially since there was that work of art (the second goal in the match against Serbia). “Dança do pigeon” is a song I released in 2014, but it wasn’t until Richarlison danced it, in 2018, that my world turned. I’ve thanked him many times, he replies and tags me in posts. I still don’t make a living from music alone, but I don’t go through the hassles I’ve had in the past, like running out of fuel to go to a show.

Photo: Personal archive and reproduction/instagram

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