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According to new leaks, GTA 6 should be released next year.

the fans of rockstar games wait for Grand Theft Auto 6 almost a decade ago. The last version was released in 2013. Of course, compared to later versions the game has expanded a lot, with new content, locations, events and an amazing online mode, but there is a difference between something like GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2. People want to see what a new GTA game looks like right now with this untapped potential and unlimited resources that the Rockstar has after its immense success.

The developer has confirmed that the game is on the way and has even suffered a few leaks, but many want to see an official trailer or get some other concrete details of the game. In August, Grand Theft Auto member Tez2 took to GTAForums and posted something about UFOs coming to Online play in October and suggested it might tie in with a mystery from the GTA 6🇧🇷

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Now, the rockstar games made a big announcement about cryptocurrencies in GTA 6🇧🇷 In a new statement, the developer spoke about the possible presence of NFTs and in-game cryptocurrencies, something that has been rumored for quite some time.

rumors that NFTs would be in GTA 6 emerged in June of this year, with leaks showing the inclusion of cryptocurrencies so that players could monetize the in-game experience. “GTA 6 leaks suggest the story will be set in Columbia/Miami and will include cryptocurrency rewards for players to earn and trade.”

In the new terms and conditions of use published by rockstar gamesthe game’s developer has made it clear that users may not modify their games for financial purposes, including turning them into NFTs or using cryptocurrencies as a way to monetize the modifications.

The statement makes it clear that users who modify GTA 6 or any other game released by the developer with the aim of creating NFTs or cryptocurrencies will be classified as committing “commercial exploitation”.

Check out the statement below:

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