Samsung surpasses Google and becomes the biggest brand in the world, points out ranking

YouGov, a company well known for specializing in various types of global surveys, has already released the results of its latest survey of the world’s biggest brands in 2022. As a result, Samsung managed to lead the ranking in first place, overtaking the former winner, Google.

With this, the South Korean company was highlighted in the global ranking as the best company in the world, and it is also possible to see which were the 10 companies that scored the most in the survey, including Google, Netflix, Youtube, WhatsApp, among others.

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Samsung leads globally and Shopee rises in position

The research carried out by YouGov takes into account some aspects such as the impressions of people and users of the companies, the quality of the work offered and the products sold, the satisfaction of these consumers, how much they recommend the company in question and even their value in Marketplace.

With that, they begin to score depending on each of the factors and these points are added to a final result. Obviously, whoever has the most points, goes up in the ranking. Samsung managed to add a total of 127 points, while Google, which dropped to second place in the ranking, had a total of 106 points.


For comparison purposes, Google led last year with 111 points while Samsung had 99 points, in second place. However, Google still gets a very interesting highlight in the search, because although it did not take first place, it still has Youtube in third place, with 85 points. That is, there are two companies from the same matrix that are in the Top 3 of the best companies in the world.

Another caveat regarding the study is that, in addition to a global ranking, it also shows how the ranking is in different countries and individually. In this case, Samsung does not lead at all, but only in South Korea, the Netherlands, Vietnam and Ireland. In the case of Brazil, for example, it ranks seventh on the list. In other major markets such as the UK and France, it ranks second.

One of the highlights of the ranking is Shopee, which has been growing its position in recent years. She appeared on the rankings for the first time in 2020 at number 8. Last year it rose to 6th position and this year it rose a little more, ranking 5th in the Top 10. Meanwhile, Amazon follows an inverse path, having ranked 5th in 2020, descending to 7th place in 2021 and this year it didn’t even make it into the top 10.

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