Sandra Bullock leaves hole in Hollywood with hiatus

Sandra Bullock comes to 58 years old this Tuesday (26th) with a collection of awards, good roles and a successful career over more than three decades. the interpreter of Miss sympathy (2000) has already appeared on the list of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood four times between 2011 and 2020. Success on the screen, however, is costly, and the actress decided to take a break from her career. The reason? exhaustion and burnout syndrome🇧🇷

Bullock brings more than 50 productions on the resume. The actress starred in the award-winning Crash: No Limit (2004), went into space in Gravity (2013) and has already won the oscar best actress for an impossible dream (2010). However, after the debut of Lost City (2022), Sandra went public to reveal that she suffered a breakdown and that she will prioritize her family and mental health for a while.

“I am so exhausted. I’m so tired, I’m not capable of making healthy, smart decisions and I know it,” she told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview. “I really do not know [quanto tempo a pausa pode durar]🇧🇷

The hiatus of visual productions is a big loss to hollywood🇧🇷 Sandra Bullock has always been considered the “America’s Sweetheart” – his good humor, versatility and charisma bring profitable results to the entertainment industry. It is estimated that she has an accumulated net worth of around US$ 225 million (approximately R$ 1.1 billion).

The void left by her is not just a hole in the productions’ coffers, but also the loss of an actress who, in addition to taking the good humor and friendliness as a motto, recurrently takes a stand in favor of women’s rights. In fact, it was at Sandra’s request that, in Cidade Perdida, the roles were reversed and she became a boldest heroinewhile Channing Tatum’s character took on a more sensitive side🇧🇷

Before the break, Bullock still makes one last stop on Brad Pitt’s Bullet Train. The film directed by David Leitch arrives in Brazilian cinemas in August 4🇧🇷

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