Struggle for life: crocodile is attacked by 30 hippos at once; see unpublished scene | Biodiversity

In the Serengeti region of East Africa, there was a rare and impressive sighting: 30 furious hippos attack a crocodile, trying to expel the animal from the waters of the Hippo Pool park. The animals in large numbers want to prevent the “intruder” from entering their territory and decide to start an unequal battle.

Who recorded the moment was Harish Kumar, 71, who was traveling with a Dutch group of 18 people and was taking a tour of the Hippo Pool. “We were all hanging out when all of a sudden my wife called me to say something was going on down there in the pool, with the huge group of hippos.”, he reported to Latest Sightings.

According to Kumar, he excitedly ran to the location and started filming. “Luck was absolutely on my side as I managed to get my camera in the right spot. This was an unbelievable sighting,” he said.

In the video, the crocodile is thrown back and forth around the mutirão and bitten by hippos as it tries to escape. Check out!

In the end, the unexpected happened: the crocodile breaks away from the group and manages to get out of the attack alive. “Fortunately he managed to escape unharmed. This was a meeting at the right time and in the right place,” reported Kumar.

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