Tite, Neymar, Mbappé, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo appear at the World Cup with watches ranging from R$ 32 thousand to R$ 1.3 million

In the world of football, coaches, players and former athletes share a passion that goes beyond the field. Since the beginning of the World Cup in Qatar, members of teams from different countries have displayed some items of this passion. With values ​​between R$ 32 thousand and R$ 1.3 million, the World Cup watches certainly live up to the icons that these accessories have on the wrist.

Starting with the professor, Tite showed that he’s not kidding with his Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra with the brown strap. According to the brand’s website, the accessory costs US$ 5.9 thousand, reaching approximately R$ 33 thousand.

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Watch used by Tite Photo: Reproduction/Omega
Tite Photo: Reproduction/Sportv

When he arrived in Italy for training with the Brazilian team before the World Cup, Neymar appeared wearing a Cartier Santos in steel, with a treatment that makes the metal more resistant to scratches and slightly changes the color of the accessory. Out there, the piece costs around U$ 8 thousand. Here in Brazil, straight from the boutique, the watch sells for R$50,000.

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Neymar appeared wearing refined watch
Neymar appeared wearing a refined watch Photo: Reproduction/Twitter
Watch worn by Neymar
Watch used by Neymar Photo: Reproduction/Cartier

Seen at a glance during Brazil’s opener against Serbia last Thursday, Cafu proved to be a fan of the team and the watches. Dressed in a suit and tie, the former player wore a CVSTUS Metropolitan Cafu Edition, a limited edition with just 50 pieces made in partnership with him. The accessory used by the World Cup ambassador in Qatar is valued at U$ 41,000, equivalent to R$ 230,000.

Cafu Photo: Reproduction/FIFA
A partner's watch with Cafu
A partner’s watch with Cafu Photo: Reproduction/CVSTOS

Also a former national team player and Corinthians idol, Roberto Carlos used a Hublot Big Bang Unico at the stadium to watch the Brazil game last Thursday. The watch is €22,000, or R$123,000 at the boutique in Brazil.

Roberto Carlos
Roberto Carlos Photo: Playback/FIFA
Roberto Carlos watch
Roberto Carlos watch Photo: Reproduction/Hublot

Changing countries a little… Considered the best player in the match between France and Australia, Mbappé wore a different model from the same brand chosen by Roberto Carlos. Upon receiving the award, the French ace showed up with a Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Moonphase.

The accessory costs US$ 43 thousand, reaching R$ 240 thousand in Brazil.

Watch worn by Mbappe
Watch worn by Mbappé Photo: Reproduction/Hublot
Mbappé received the man of the match award against France
Mbappé received the award for the best player in the match against France Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Playing for Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo took advantage of his visibility during the World Cup to publicize a partnership with the JACOB & CO brand. The ace appeared wearing the watch last week in Qatar, on the same day the item was launched.

On the watch face, the star himself: the model has a design of a soccer ball on the top, an image of the player on the field, his signature and his game initials, CR7.

Launch, the price of the accessory is U$ 145 thousand or R$ 800 thousand.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo Photo: Playback/Instagram
Watch worn by CR7
Watch used by CR7 Photo: Reproduction/JACOB&CO

The debut of the Argentine national team, Lionel Messi showed that he has refined taste. The Argentine number 10 arrived at the stadium with a Patek Philippe Nautilus Perpetual Calendar Moonphase in white gold on his wrist. The watch does not cost less than U$ 235,000, that is, here in Brazil, it costs approximately R$ 1.3 million.

Messi arriving at the stadium
Messi arriving at the stadium Photo: Reproduction/Twitter
Messi watch
Messi watch Photo: Reproduction

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