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Revista Chama was created by journalist and researcher Flávia Denise in 2016, with a view to opening space for new local authors and promoting the circulation of texts in printed format in Belo Horizonte
Journalist and researcher Flávia Denise with a copy of Chama Magazine Photo: Disclosure

The schedule of the first Independent Book Party (Flinde) of the Faculty of Letters (Fale) of UFMG continues this week. This Tuesday, the 29th, at 7 pm, the unit’s 2001 auditorium receives researchers Alice Bicalho and José de Souza Muniz Jr. for a round table with the theme Independent editions in perspective🇧🇷 Participation in the event is open to the general public, as is the case throughout the show’s schedule.

José de Souza Muniz Jr. is author of There was an editor in the way: contemporary issues of editing, preparation and textual revision (Editora Artigo A, 2018), a book in which he investigates, instead of products, the production processes of the publishing world. Doctor in Sociology and Master in Communication Sciences, Muniz Jr. is a professor and researcher at the Department of Language and Technology (Deltec) of the Federal Center for Technological Education of Minas Gerais (Cefet-MG), having worked for ten years as a professional in the publishing market.

Alice Bicalho has also worked in several publishing houses, such as RHJ, Fino Traço, Civilização Brasileira, Paz e Terra and José Olympio. Doctor in Theory of Literature by the Graduate Program in Letters: Literary Studies (Post-Lit) at UFMG, she founded Curva Editorial, a company that aims to act not only as an editor, but as a school and “producer of shared experiences”, as described on their website.

indigenous editions
On the following day, Wednesday the 30th, at 9 pm, the same 2001 auditorium will receive Guilherme Trielli Ribeiro, a professor at the Department of Teaching Methods and Techniques at the Faculty of Education (FaE), for a lecture on indigenous issues. Finally, at the end of the week’s schedule, the Centro de Memória will host – on December 1st, Thursday, at 4 pm – the launch of the third issue of the literature magazine Chama: outstanding prose & poetryan event that will count on the participation of editors Flávia Denise de Magalhães (prose) and Val Prochnow (poetry) and publication design, Mário Vinícius.

Mário Vinícius, publication designer, presents the third issue of Chama magazine
Mário Vinícius, publication designer, presents the third issue of Chama magazine Photo: Disclosure

‘Anti-capitalism and estrangement’

Carried out with funds from the Belo Horizonte Municipal Culture Incentive Law, the magazine Chama: outstanding prose & poetry reached its third edition, overcoming the fate of Brazilian literature and culture publications that are often doomed, due to lack of support and financial incentive, to die in their first issues.

On the contrary, the “flame” of the publication remains stronger than ever: published in 2020 shortly after the launch of the second issue, the call for texts for the third edition received more than 250 entries, of which 234 were validated. Of these, 20 texts were selected to compose the new volume, which has just been taken off the press by Impressões de Minas, a graphic and publisher that also participates in the Independent Book Festival.

Flávia Denise and Val Prochnow tell how the story of the edition ended up crossed by the pandemic. “The call for the current publication came at a time when there was still no way to predict the future. Due to the circumstances of isolation and insecurity, the selection process asked permission to be extended”, say the publishers, who in this edition called on specialist in literature and text revision Thiago Pimentel to collaborate in the poetry edition. “We take our time and let time take us”, they say, seeking to explain the longer arc of the call for publication, bearing in mind that Revista Chama is intended to be annual.

The publishers also explain the unique way of designing the thematic motto of each issue of the magazine – anti-capitalism and estrangement – ​​in this third edition. “As in the previous issue, in which we had not predetermined any thematic axis for the magazine, this time, after reading the texts entered, we also let the voices speak for themselves, both individually and as a whole that, little by little, was taking shape. As we advanced in the process, the juxtaposition of the texts we selected, like a constellation, began to form a clearer design, whose features, this time, are guided by two main, urgent and interpenetrating themes”, they explain.

Magazine🇧🇷 Chama: outstanding prose & poetry #3
organizers: Flávia Denise and Val Prochnow
Free distribution / 96 pages
Print run: 1,000 units

The Independent Book Festival
Independent Book Party of the Faculty of Letters (Fale) was born to host debates and reflections on books produced and published outside the large commercial network established by the main publishing conglomerates in the country. The event runs until December 22 with a series of releases.

Thirteen publishers participate in this first edition of the show, most of them founded by students and alumni of Fale: Abelhas Editora, Alecrim Edições, Ave Casa Editora, Curva Editorial, Dragon-Fly, Edições Bichinho Screamer, Impressões de Minas, Labed, Margem , Phonte88, Semper-Viva Editorial, SQN Library and Tercetto Cultural.

With the exception of the lecture and the round table scheduled for the 2001 auditorium, all the other events of the party – strictly speaking, launches – will be held at the Memory Center, located on the second floor of Fale, in front of the library. See the schedule for the next few days:

29 Nov. 🇧🇷 19 pm | auditorium 2001
Round table
Independent editions in perspectivewith Alice Bicalho and José de Souza Muniz Jr.

30 Nov. 🇧🇷 21h | auditorium 2001
indigenous editionswith Guilherme Trielli

1st Dec. 🇧🇷 4 pm
Chama: outstanding prose & poetry, no. 3, with Flávia Denise, Mário Vinícius and Val Prochnow

15 Dec. 🇧🇷 4 pm
collective launch
Even lessby Ana Elisa Ribeiro
Vultureby Emilia Mendes
Somethingby Carlos Augusto Novais
Knife in water: pot fragmentsby Lais Veloso
shamblesby Iago Passos
Irene in the skyby Roberto Carvalho
Mini-Dictionary Fictions or The Secret War of Insectsby Ewerton Martins Ribeiro
Artistic narration: ways of doingby Aline Cântia and Fernando Chagas (Org.)
According to certain traditionsby Pedro Braga and Josiley Souza (Org.)

22 Dec. 🇧🇷 4 pm
Independent publishing, cultural movements and alternative technologiesby Sônia Queiroz and Mário Vinícius (Org.)

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