Understand why the Chinese population protests against Xi Jinping

Hundreds of protesters have taken to the streets of China calling for a change in the zero covid policy that has damaged the economy and prevented citizens from moving freely around the country.

Chinese protesters call for Xi Jinping’s resignation

Since the weekend, the Chinese have taken to the streets of several cities in the country to protest the zero covid policy that has been present for almost three years. Extremely stringent measures were enforced by President Xi Jinping as a way to protect the country, however, the China, today, it is the last major world economy that continues to apply a tough strategy against the coronavirus. The result, which has already had an effect on the country and will see it end the year with a GDP growth below the 5.5% target, the lowest ever recorded in a decade, caused revolt in the population, which in recent days has begun to call for Xi Jinping’s resignation. Large-scale protests are rare in China, as public expressions of dissent are routinely stifled. “Xi Jinping, resign, resign!” protesters chanted in a rare show of rejection of the Chinese president.

The protests, which have been taking place for at least eight months, gained greater relevance this week, after ten people died in a fire on Thursday, the 24th. victims. “This is not a normal life, we are fed up. Our lives were not like this before,” exclaimed a lecturer at Tsinghua University. After the tragedy in Urumqi, a city of 4 million inhabitants, the authorities eased restrictions in the region: from Tuesday it will be possible to use buses for shopping and commercial establishments in “low risk” areas will be able to partially resume activities. . According to a student, the protests started on Saturday night and between 100 and 200 people gathered. “I heard them shout: ‘no to covid tests, yes to freedom’”, they shouted. The demonstrations show the population’s fatigue with the government’s strategy of zero tolerance with covid. The protests come as China faces the worst case scenario of Covid-19🇧🇷 On Sunday alone, the country recorded 39,506 local infections of covid-19, a record number for this country of 1.4 billion inhabitants.

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Protesters hold blank sheets of paper during a vigil for victims of China’s COVID-zero policy│EFE/EPA/JEROME FAVRE

Faced with an increase in protests, the Chinese authorities reinforced this Monday, 28, the police presence in Beijing to discourage further demonstrations. Protesters are holding up blank sheets of paper to protest censorship, singing the national anthem and shouting slogans against Covid-19 restrictions that have prevented them from moving freely for nearly three years. “I was following through social media and wanted to come and see how things were going. Finally, there is a mobilization against this health policy”, commented a 40-year-old woman, present in the region of the Liangma canal. “Young people are worried. Real estate prices are practically inaccessible and they don’t know if they’ll get a job. These anti-covid restrictions increase frustrations ”, explained the woman, who preferred not to be identified. “With this health policy, we became a laughing stock in the world, don’t you think?”, She added.

“The demonstration was a good thing,” a 20-year-old woman, who requested anonymity, told AFP. “It sent a message that people are tired of excessive restrictions. I believe the government has understood and will ease its policies to move forward,” she added, before opining that “censorship has failed to keep pace” with the protests. However, any information about the demonstrations appears to have been deleted from all Chinese social media. On the Weibo platform, a kind of Chinese Twitter, searches for “Liangma River” and “Urumqi Street” did not return any results related to the mobilization. “People have reached a boiling point because there is no clear direction to end the zero covid policy,” Alfred Wu Muluan, an expert on Chinese politics at the National University of Singapore, told AFP. “The party underestimated popular anger,” he concluded.

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