VP collected controversies with Dinheiro, Liverpool and more

Vítor Pereira’s deal with Flamengo took the Corinthians by surprise this week, but it was not the first controversy in which the coach has been involved since he started working in Brazilian football. below the UOL Sport recalls some episodes at Corinthians.

I wanted to coach Liverpool

“If you ask me, I wanted to coach Liverpool, with all the respect I have for Corinthians”, joked Vítor Pereira during a press conference in May. On the occasion, he gave his reasons for having left Róger Guedes on the bench for 90 minutes, in a classic against São Paulo, and left for sarcasm. He later apologized saying it was an unfortunate expression.

Attrition with Roger Guedes

The statement about Liverpool only existed because VP was on a collision course with Roger Guedes. At the time, he publicly charged the attacker several times for more commitment in training and games and even gave an ultimatum. “There are times when it’s no use talking anymore, or it shows [compromisso] or it doesn’t show”, he said at the end of May. The player said he preferred to play on the left wing instead of being improvised in the center of the attack, the situation was only circumvented with the hiring of Yuri Alberto.

full bank account

“You must be kidding me with this question”, said VP in another press conference, this one in August, when asked if he feared being fired from the Corinthians🇧🇷 “At this stage of my life, my career, being afraid of losing my job? Do you know how much money I have in the bank, my friend?”, he continued. The phrase resonated very badly, and later the coach apologized.

Discomfort in the cast

Also in August, Vítor Pereira’s work model caused internal discomfort at Corinthians. Some players were bothered by the coach’s public criticism, the communication of the lineup at the last minute and even the style of training. At the time, the situation was under control and did not escalate.

Hit with Flamengo

Vítor Pereira said goodbye to Corinthians 15 days ago, swearing love for the club and saying that his intention was to return to Portugal. “I’m going home. I have to help stabilize my mother-in-law’s disease process a bit, who is living in my house,” he said at the time. Eleven days later, he agreed to go to Flamengo.

Vítor Pereira closes with Flamengo: was the decision a success or a mistake?

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