Weird Al’s Harry Potter Parody Could Have Happened, But WB Said It Didn’t

Details have emerged about a possible Harry Potter parody song by Weird Al Yankovic. The parody musician whose work has received a new appreciation thanks to the Roku Channel’s recent release of Stranger: The Al Yankovic Story has been an industry favorite since the early 1980s. His style of releasing professional parody versions of ubiquitous pop songs made him a favorite for four decades, leading to stints in film, television, and finally his own biopic starring Daniel Radcliffe . In addition to comedic versions of modern pop songs, Yankovic has also performed parodies involving blockbuster films such as Jurassic Park🇧🇷 Star Warsand Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. However, fans are now discovering, Yankovic could have taken on another popular franchise.

According to a recent interview with The Hollywood ReporterWeird Al had plans for a parody of a Harry Potter music that Warner Bros. ended up rejecting it. Yankovic explains that the parody, which would have added lyrics to the franchise’s theme ‘Hedwig’s Theme’, was presented to WB to get their blessing, only for the studio not to respond favorably. Read the full excerpt below:

Whenever it was, about a decade or two ago, I would approach the film company just to get a general blessing like, ‘Hey, I’d like to do a Harry Potter parody.’ And I think they said no or never responded or something. But sometimes when you’re dealing with franchising and you ask permission, you know, there’s so many people who can say no, and they usually do.

Future of the Harry Potter franchise on the WB explained

Harry Potter;  Fantastic Beasts;  Grindlewald

although the Harry Potter franchise may be ready for parody by 2002, the brand is currently in something of an artistic limbo with Warner Bros. While adaptations of the first seven Harry Potter books were immense success at the box office, the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them the spinoff series produced diminishing returns with each subsequent sequel. This year’s share, Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, was a huge disappointment at the box office, and future plans for Potter sequels and spinoffs were terminated. Crucially, many of the young actors who started the franchise, like Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, have established their own careers away from Potterdespite returning for the 2021 reunion special on HBO Max.

The uncertain future for the Potter films owe directly to their creator, JK Rowling, who has been in the news periodically over the past few years. Once considered the beacon of self-taught authors, Rowling has adulterated her own credibility with her views on transgender people and other minorities. It’s a worldview that readers argue becomes clearer when they dig deeper into the original books and encounter unflattering portrayals of people of color. While troubled authors and creators have had their works adapted before, Rowling is still alive to manage her heritage and perpetuate her own ideas, requiring a degree of delicacy.

That might explain Warner Bros.’ reluctance to announce more Harry Potter projects for the near future. New WBD CEO David Zaslav simultaneously expressed a desire to continue doing Potter films and announced that there are no current plans to do so. Making a concrete statement in either direction would risk promoting Rowling’s controversial ideals or angering the holder of some of the company’s most lucrative intellectual property. So while Warner Bros. reluctance to grant Weird Al Yankovic permission to parody Harry Potter Decades ago might seem cruel, along with its current actions, it speaks of a company being extremely careful with how the world views its most popular characters.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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