Which foods should I not wash before being prepared?

Which foods should I not wash before being prepared? When it comes to cooking, there are foods like potato and rice which is preferable to wash before preparing them, as this can bring some benefits in terms of taste or prevent health problems.

According to Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) , the most important thing to prevent food poisoning is hygiene. However, while it may seem counterproductive, there are cases where exposing food to water can increase the risk of infection.

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These these are the foods I shouldn’t wash before cooking


While there’s a good chance it will contain germs on the outside, washing your eggs can be very harmful, either before storing them in the refrigerator or when using them.

According to experts, eggs have a layer made of a natural oil that waterproofs and prevents the entry of bacteria inside. When washing them, especially with cold water, there is a risk of food being contaminated and causing illness.

From OCU, they recommend preventing the outside of the egg from staining the inside when hatching. Also, never use the shell to separate the white from the yolk, or break the shell over the edge of a container.

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Chicken is one of the most popular foods around the world and can be prepared in many ways. To consume it safely, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States recommends not washing it.

Contrary to popular belief, this habit can increase the possibility of ” cross contamination “, since the water will not help to eliminate the microorganisms, but it will promote the growth of bacteria such as campylobacter which causes gastroenteritis.

Pork and beef

In the same way that chicken, pork and beef should not be washed, as these foods lose flavor, aroma and nutrients.

On the other hand, potentially dangerous bacteria are found on the surface of the meat, where they pose no risk, as they will be killed by cooking. What will happen instead is that the splash of this wash water spreads the bacteria in the kitchen surfaces where they can come into contact with other foods or objects.


Mushrooms or mushrooms are another food that should be prepared without exposing it to water, whether wild or cultivated. Running or submerging them is a big mistake, as they will absorb the liquid making cooking difficult. If they are dirty, it is better to clean them with a cloth or brush.

bagged salads

Finally, the specialized body refers that it makes no sense to wash the packaged vegetables (spinach, chard, salads). Before being packaged, they were previously treated with low-concentration disinfectants to avoid pathogens, so they are safe to consume.

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