Will Netflix movie get a sequel?

Santa’s diary 2 will happen? Well, that’s one of the questions constantly asked by fans of the Christmas novel. Since it arrived in the Netflix catalogue, the film starring Justin Hartley and Barrett Doss has been immensely successful worldwide.

The history of Santa’s diary it’s a mix of drama with romance and christmas. In it, we see the story of a famous author who finds out about his mother’s death. He returns home around Christmas to settle his estate after his solicitor seeks him out.

However, Jacob carries a great resentment from his mother, after all, she kicked him out of the house when he was still a teenager. However, upon arriving at the old house, he finds several belongings, left behind. Thus, Jacob discovers surprising secrets and truths about the past in a diary.

On this journey to discover more, he is accompanied by Rachel, who is looking for her mother and at the same time, some answers for herself. The film ends with few open points, but enough for Santa’s diary 2 be produced. Well, here’s what we know.

Santa’s diary 2 will happen?

So far, Netflix has not confirmed Santa’s diary 2🇧🇷 Since the film was recently released, it’s likely they’re gathering data and information about a possible sequel. Generally, responses to about continuations occur within 3 months.

With regard to the audience, the first film has been doing well, being present in the TOP 3 in most countries where Netflix is ​​present. O flixpatrol reported that the feature debuted at the top of the service’s largest centers and currently leads as the most watched production in the United States.

So there is optimism in a sequel. This certainly wouldn’t be Netflix’s first investment in turning a Christmas movie into a franchise. The service has already continued productions such as A Princesa e a Plebeia, which won 3 feature films with Vanessa Hudgens.

Therefore, there is a great possibility that Santa’s diary 2 happen. Soon we will have a concrete decision.

What can happen in Santa’s diary 2🇧🇷

If Netflix approves the continuation, producers can adapt the second book in the series written by Richard Paul Evans. In turn, the second book, The Noel Stranger, focuses on a new character named Maggie Walther. The summary described in GoodReads it says:

“Maggie feels her world is imploding. After all, she is publicly humiliated by her husband after he is arrested for bigamy. After isolating herself, she starts to trust again when she meets Andrew. But it all goes downhill when she discovers he harbors a dark secret.”

All the stories in the “Noel Collection” focus on different characters. Namely, that means Netflix would have to find a new cast and “Santa’s diary 2“, would have very few connections with the story of Jacob. Otherwise, the producers would have to find a new story for the characters from the first film.

The first film does not answer some questions, among them, who is Rachel’s mother. Therefore, a continuation with an original story would be welcome.

What did critics say about the film?

As with many romantic comedies, particularly those of the Christmas season, reviews were not favorable to the film. On Rotten Tomatoes, for example, the feature has a 67% approval rating from professional critics. Consensus said:

“Noel’s Diary is Netflix’s antidote to the sweet rom-com Christmas movie. It’s full of sweet moments, and sad with longing, stolen glances. So it is, in that way, a perfect Christmas movie.”

Can Noel's Diary 2 Happen?
Image: Disclosure/Netflix

Fans, on the other hand, gave a slightly lower rating and this is important to determine whether Santa’s diary 2 will happen. After all, an unfavorable rating means that subscribers will not rewatch the movie if released. Still on Rotten Tomatoes, the feature had a lukewarm reception, with 52% approval. One of the film’s users stated:

“Average at best. Some lovely moments, but totally predictable, cheesy and cold.”

But and you? I would like that Santa’s Diary 2 happen?

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