World Cup 2022: Brazilian who went viral with a euphoric goal celebration was scolded by his wife; know the reason

Brazilian Clóvis Carvalho went viral on social media after Brazil won 2-0 against Serbia. Last Thursday (24), the 34-year-old veterinarian staged a euphoric celebration at a stadium in Qatar. The crowd was broadcast live and made friends and family very excited, but the wife scolded him.

🇧🇷A goal like that was worthy of losing one’s head”, evaluated Clóvis, in an interview with g1, this Monday morning (28). The vet was referring to Richarlison’s beautiful volley in the second half. Carvalho also watched Brazil’s second World Cup match against Switzerland.

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The wife’s scolding her husband, however, happened because, in the viral celebration, Clóvis appeared shirtless in the broadcast, which is not very well accepted in the country’s customs. 🇧🇷She got really mad”, said the Brazilian about the reaction of his wife, architect Fernanda Tonin, 28 years old. 🇧🇷Because it’s the World Cup, they [o povo catari] they take everything in stride, but I really sinned in having done that! It was not a nice gesture”, he pondered.

The couple, who now live in the host country of the World Cup, used to live in Arealva, São Paulo, before moving to the Middle East. Fernanda explained that, despite being an extremely welcoming country, the Qatar has a very different culture from Brazil, and taking your shirt off in the game “could offend the Arab women and men in the stadium🇧🇷 Watch:

🇧🇷We’ve always been highly respected here, so we always do our best to respect their culture as well.”, continued the architect. Fernanda also detailed the scolding of her husband: “When I saw that he had taken his shirt off to celebrate the goal, I immediately asked him to put it back on. I don’t think he even realized what he had just done.🇧🇷 Tonin has worked on a number of projects related to sports competition over the last few months, particularly in stores and restaurants.

The architect’s family, who live in Bauru, also in São Paulo, unlike her, went crazy with the couple’s appearance on television. In addition to Clóvis’ intense and viral celebration, Fernanda also appeared dancing live with her friends. And that’s not all: her scolding her husband was also transmitted.

Fernanda’s sister and Clóvis’ sister-in-law, Isabella Tonin, recalled that the relatives celebrated the selection’s goal with even more excitement than the veterinarian, when the couple appeared live on television: “We were celebrating Brazil’s second goal, suddenly Clóvis appears to me screaming like a madman. We never imagined that, with more than 80,000 people in a stadium, he would appear🇧🇷

After his fans became a meme in Brazil, Carvalho gained a huge following on social media. In his posts, several users remembered the viral celebration and said they were fans of the veterinarian. 🇧🇷Came for the meme, won huh”, wrote one. 🇧🇷Most famous supporter of the Cup, congratulations”, commented another. 🇧🇷Clovin, I want my autograph”, joked one netizen. 🇧🇷And it’s not that the Hulk went to the stadium once again”, said another profile.

The veterinarian works with horse reproduction at the stud farm of a very traditional Qatari family. Clóvis and Fernanda have lived in the country for four years, since 2018, after the professional received an invitation to work in the field from a college friend who also lived there.

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