World Cup: how much do Brazilian referees earn per game?

THE Qatar World Cup It has two Brazilian referees to referee matches on the field: Wilton Pereira Sampaio, who led two matches, and Raphael Claus, who was in a game in the first round. To work on the games, the two receive an amount of money for each whistled match. below the THROW! discusses the amounts received in the clashes.

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During the group stage, the amount received by referees is 5,000 euros (about R$ 28,000) per match. Therefore, Claus earned BRL 28,000 in the duel between England and Iran, while Wilton Pereira Sampaio, who refereed the Netherlands and Senegal, and Poland against Saudi Arabia, earned almost BRL 56,000.

In the knockout stage, from the round of 16 to the big decision, the referees will receive up to 10,000 euros, around R$ 56,000. The assistants and fourth referees earn a smaller amount: 2,500 euros (R$ 14,000) per game in the group stage and 5,000 euros (R$ 28,000) in the knockout stage.

Those responsible for VAR receive 3,000 euros (R$ 16,500) in the first phase, while in the knockout stage they earn 5,000 euros (R$ 28,000).

In addition to Wilton and Claus, Brazil is represented on the refereeing scale with the assistants and fourth referees Bruno Pires, Bruno Boschilia, Danilo Manis, Rodrigo Figueiredo and Neuza Inês Back.

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