Xbox Series X was one of the best selling products during Black Friday 2022

According to market research conducted by Adobe Analytics titled “2022 Holiday Shopping Trends” the Xbox Series X was one of the products most wanted during Black Friday 2022, practically outselling PS5, Nintendo Switch and Series S.

According to the report, Microsoft’s console was one of the five “Hot Products” during Black Friday. Just for the record, the other four are Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2drones, MacBooks and the Bluey children’s program.

Unfortunately, Adobe Analytics didn’t provide details on what makes a “hot product” and the extent to which the Xbox Series X overtook PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Series S to earn a spot in the top 5. Last year, it published a similar report ( where Xbox outperformed Series S) and we know it was based on analysis of a billion retail visits and top-purchased items from over 1,000 online stores. We do not know whether this year’s market research was conducted with similar samples.

For more detailed data, just wait for the traditional NPD report for the month of November 2022, which we hope will give us a more complete picture of hardware and software sales in the last two weeks of promotions.

That said, we know that during Black Friday 2022 Microsoft launched a series of very aggressive and inviting offers for Xbox Series X and S, which apparently achieved the desired effect.


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