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This list contains spoilers for the first season of Andor.

The spark of rebellion ignited in Ferrix in walkerthrilling season 1 finale, and already has fans desperate for season 2. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story The prequel series is being touted as one of the best TV shows of the year for its stellar Tony Gilroy writing, compelling performances from the cast, and stunning visuals. excitingly, walker Season 2 is already in development as filming has begun in London, with hopes of hitting Disney+ in 2024.

The wait may seem unbearable, but luckily, 2023 will be a great year for Star Wars with new season the bad batch🇧🇷 The Mandalorianand finally, Ahsoka🇧🇷 as for walker, the first season left fans with some burning questions, while expanding the vast scope of the franchise in fascinating ways, inspiring all sorts of theories for season two and beyond. Many fans shared their thoughts and hopes on Reddit about what will happen next with Cassian, Mon Mothma, and Luthen, and how it all could lead to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story🇧🇷

luthen is a jedi

Merged image of Luthen and kyber crystal in Star Wars: Andor

One of the most widespread theories throughout the first season is that Luthen Rael, played by Stellan Skarsgård, is a former Jedi. It gained more and more traction from episode four onwards, and many fans are hoping that season two will definitively prove them right or wrong. Redditor Daksout918 supports this, writing, “With everything he said in the monologue, plus the kyber crystal and the fact that they make a point of showing us his cane a few times, I must think he’s a fallen Jedi.”

His Kuati Signet, as he calls it, referencing the Rakata of Legend lore, and the plethora of walker easter eggs in his shop – including holocrons and a mask of a Jedi Temple guard – could be evidence that this theory has some validity. However, as some detractors note, walker it hasn’t been a show for such revelations and twists. Although it’s a spy drama, full of intrigue, the characters are all what they seem to be, even Luthen.

Not a Jedi, but he knew some

Luthen Rael looking serious on Andor

Some viewers have modified the “Luthen is a Jedi” theory so that Luthen is just someone connected to the Jedi order, not a former member. ElandoUK states: “Luthen is not a Jedi, but his wife was.” That kind of development would add a lot more depth to his motivations and role in the canon. It’s a perspective that was shared only so predominantly by Padmé Amidala.

Interestingly, this would then suggest that the kyber crystal was theirs, a way to remain connected to their lost love, who would presumably have died in Order 66. This would be in keeping with their initiation into the rebellion, quoting: “… equation I wrote fifteen years ago …” in his epic speech to Lonni. While not the Jedi way of getting mates, there is plenty of precedent from that era to support this idea.

The fusion of B2-K2

B2EMO on Andor Episode 11

Another popular theory is that B2EMO will eventually become K-2SO from a rogue in some way. The new android quickly captured the hearts of fans on Twitter, and his stranglehold only increased as the season progressed. While other droids like K-2, R2-D2, and Chopper have bad-tempered personalities, they pale in comparison to the emotional B2. Given the corresponding importance in their history, fans are uniting B2 and K-2.

DoctorSteve03 thinks, “if K-2 was revealed to hold Bee’s memories/consciousness, that would make her sacrifice in a rogue even more moving.” It would certainly add a lot of depth to their connection. As noted by naysayers, this would mean that B2’s personality changes drastically, so that doesn’t seem likely. Unfortunately, in that case, it might not bode well for B2, as Cassian states in a rogue that he lost everything in this fight.

L3-37, but on the contrary

K2SO in the middle of the desert in Rogue One

The idea of ​​transferring memory and databases between droids is reminiscent of the company’s revolutionary L3-37. Solo: A Star Wars Story, which ended up being integrated into the Millennium Falcon’s computer. As for K-2SO, pezboy74 thinks it might be the other way around. They wrote: “Personally, I like the theory I’ve heard that K-2SO is Luther’s ship’s AI.”

As season two is set to span the four years leading up to a rogue, K-2SO will certainly eventually show up, and this theory would cleverly link him to both Cassian and Luthen. It would be a fun way to retool an existing story element and also expand on the notion of droid sentience, something pertinent in walker thanks to the radical personality of B2EMO.

Mon Mothma’s Bow

Mon Mothma in the Imperial Senate on Andor 1

While the show is titled walker, Mon Mothma serves as the deuteragonist, and the first season was an amazing showing for Genevieve O’Reilly in the role. Her arc brings in political elements, making the show much more than a spy thriller. At the end of season 1, she presumably threw her husband Perrin to the wolves, blaming their gambling on their financial discrepancies, and arranged the marriage of their teenage daughter, Leida. Season two will have to see her transition from a senator secretly funding the Rebellion to an important leader of the Rebel Alliance.

Redditor intrepidcaribou thinks, “they can make Mothma’s escape from Coruscant… Obviously, Perrin and Leida die or stay behind. Showing Mon leaving her comfortable life on Coruscant on the run would be interesting.” Given the time scope for Season 2, this seems incredibly likely, and specifically would stem from her bold public denunciation of Emperor Palpatine for the Ghorman Massacre. That would call in rebels how the Ghost Crew helped save her.

Cassian, Mon and Luthen All Together

Merged image of Cassian and Mon Mothma in Rogue One

Season 1 ends with Cassian pleading for the cause to Luthen. So much of Season 2 will likely explore their developing relationship and work style until a rogue, during which Luthen is absent, or more likely, dead. This will also certainly encompass Cassian and Mon’s encounter, which is compelling to think about – about how her and Luthen’s leadership styles will differ, and therefore affect Cassian’s actions and motivations within the Rebel Alliance.

Redditor rechelon theorizes, “Cassian has to help Mon escape Coruscant or he has to have a hand in instigating the Ghorman Massacre at Luthen’s behest (and then transfer allegiances to Mon from Luthen when he becomes less tolerable within the Alliance.”) Each of these could be three-episode arcs, showing the truly changing nature of the Rebellion, and especially how his involvement in something horrible for the greater good would lead him down the path to where he is. a rogue🇧🇷

Syril and Dedra’s relationship

Syril Karn and Dedra Meero in Andor Episode 9

If fans were expecting a love story in walker, logically they would have assumed that Cassian would be involved. As such, the connection between Syril Karn and Dedra Meero is both unexpectedly fascinating and disturbing. While Kyle Soller and Denise Gough’s performances, respectively, are remarkable, the characters are downright detestable. Syril is absolutely frightening and Dedra is deeply menacing. However, the ending shows the spark of not just a rebellion, but something between them.

It may be that Dedra takes advantage of Syril’s devotion without returning any favors. Redditor el-cad comments, “Dedra will be on a job, but out of favor, Syril will be an outside informant/hound doing dirty work off the books for her. Perhaps Mosk is also involved in this. It would be interesting to compare such a relationship to Luthen and Cassian if he becomes her personal agent in season two, like Syril to Dedra.

tragedy coming

Bix Caleen in Andor Episode 9

While Maarva Andor’s funeral results in a mutiny against the Empire and a massacre of sorts, Cassian and several of his friends make it out alive – if not unscathed. Specifically, he helped B2EMO, Bix, Brasso, Wilmon, Pegla, and Jezzi escape Ferrix by telling them that he would meet them at Gangi Moon. Unfortunately, Gungan_Jedi has a bad feeling about this, thinking “we might witness a tragedy with Bix, Brasso, etc.”

The sad thing is that Cassian is in a very dark place at the beginning of a rogue🇧🇷 He stated that he lost everything because of the Empire. That’s almost five years after where walker stopped, and while the wound from the loss of Maarva may still be festering, this comment makes that theory sadly too plausible. It’s a tragedy that would shake Cassian to the core, and the loss of popular characters like B2, Bix, and Brasso would be devastating for viewers as well.

Some special appearances

Star Wars Saw Gerrera and Jyn Erso from Rogue One

Inside walkerall roads lead to a rogue, either explicitly or subtly. One way to do this so far has been the appearance of Forest Whitaker as Saw Gerrera. In season 2, the Star Wars The character many are hoping to see is Jyn Erso, played once again by Felicity Jones. DestroyTheHuman believes, “we’ll see Luthen discover Jyn and her history, thus starting a conflict with Saw… giving Saw the ultimatum between saving Jyn or helping the rebels.” It would be great to see Saw in such a convincing situation since he’s usually so strict and firm.

This may require some tweaking, as she was presumably abandoned by Saw in 5 ABY when the first season is taking place, but it could still come into play. Whatever the case, season 2 will certainly contain some reference to Jyn Erso and/or her father Galen, at least as it gets closer. a rogue🇧🇷

Back to Kenari

Young Cassian Andor looking at a falling ship in episode 1

One of the biggest walker Season 1’s remaining questions are still about Cassian’s mysterious backstory on his home planet Kenari, and especially his sister’s fate. Her search for her was the most important element of the story in the first three episodes, but it was relegated by the urgency and stakes of subsequent arcs. However, this has led to some crazy fan theories that characters like Bix, Dedra or Cinta could be her sister – none of which have merit.

Interestingly, Maarva tells Cassian to forget about her and Kenari, but it seems like she knows a secret he doesn’t. So many like Matuatay think the second season will delve deeper into this part of his life. They wrote: “he will be collected at S2 and she will find him”. That last point is quite intriguing and could then contribute to other developing theories that she is already a rebel. Season 2 already has a lot to do, but a definitive answer as to what happened to Kenari and Cassian’s sister needs to be addressed.

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