After layoffs at Amazon, can Alexa stop being manufactured?

After several speculations about probable layoffs at Amazon, a new low may be on the way. Some documents obtained by Business Insider point to losses in the area of ​​Alexa product development. They question the continuity of the product.

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These documents indicate that the giant Amazon will lose, in 2022, US$ 10 billion in the area of ​​development of products related to Alexa. Thus, astronomical values ​​cast doubt on the future of the voice assistant and its devices, such as the Echo Show and the Echo Dot.

Uncertain future

Alexa has already held 75% of the market. But when looked at together as the Echo devices, they never really made a profit for Amazon. It is speculated that the strategy of Jeff Bezos, owner of the brand, was to sell such products at cost price. Profit would come later, from the sale of smart home products. However, the issue is that this scenario has not yet materialized.

In this line, Business Insider heard some sources about this scenario regarding technological products linked to Alexa. Many of them called the project a “colossal failure of the imagination” and a “wasted opportunity”. In addition, they pointed out that there are no clear guidelines on the devices, which makes future planning difficult.

In the face of rumors of the end of Alexa and its devices, the Senior Vice President of Devices and Services at Amazon, David Limp took a position saying there is the intention of robust investments in products such as Echo and Alexa.

Contrary to what Amazon employees say, the company’s CEO, Andy Jassy, ​​has also committed to investing in the smart assistant. For him, Amazon withstood the difficult times of the economy and will remain so.

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