Alexandre Garcia: The TSE uses your taxes to monitor you

I just found out that the TSE hired, for BRL 250,000, a company to monitor social networks in whatever is of interest to the TSE. The contract is from September 13th. You might think that the TSE is spending all this, but it’s not their money. Truth: TSE doesn’t produce anything, no government produces anything. We are the ones who produce, the taxpayers. We produce, earn, employ, create wealth; and we took a part of our wealth, about 36%, and we gave it to the Brazilian State to provide services for us. And the TSE takes BRL 250,000 from our taxes and pays it to monitor us. So, you might be paying to be monitored.

Monitoring would also be about fake news🇧🇷 this story of fake news it’s annoying because things are so primary, so elementary, so dumb, and there are people who believe. It’s not possible! The last one now is that of “Lula who died and has a look-alike, but they forgot to remove a finger”. Ridiculous, isn’t it? Others say that there is a secret TSE meeting in Guarujá to inaugurate Lula. Another sent me something that I never wrote, but it even has my picture and my name, saying that the authorities pretend this, pretend that, pretend that other. That’s the dose.

The PT’s goal is to control internet discourse once and for all

But I’m telling you this because Lula is in Brasilia and he’s talking about regulating social networks, the internet. But there is already a law for this, the Marco Civil da Internet, from 2014. It was exhaustively discussed throughout Brazil, in the National Congress, approved, sanctioned, published, and is in force. You don’t have to tamper with it, because tampering is prohibited: article 220 of the Constitution says that freedom of expression, opinion, and the press is guaranteed on any platform, and that any type of censorship is prohibited. But this is censorship, because they also announced that this regulation of social networks or the digital world, the internet, will be based on suggestions from the Supreme Court and the TSE. Well, what we have seen the Supreme and TSE doing is censoring.

Censorship is prohibited. I know they’re doing it, but I want you to know. You are the source of power, you are the one in charge, you are the one who pays taxes, you are the one who appoints representatives, who in turn approve or disapprove ministers of higher courts. The origin of power is you, so you need to know that, what they are doing with your taxes and your freedoms. If you let him, soon you won’t have any freedom at all, like in that poem “On the way with Mayakovsky”: when you want to speak, the voice has already been taken from your throat, it will be too late.

They even talk about creating a “secretariat for the digital world”. It’s George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth, 1984, which seems like a prophecy about Brazil today. Everything is in accordance with the São Paulo Forum, which had a meeting last week, if I’m not mistaken, in Caracas. I just saw Nicolás Maduro’s speech, with people from Argentina, Ecuador, Cuba, Mexico, Chile, Guatemala, Brazil in the auditorium. And he talks about “our brothers” from China, Russia, Korea; he says that the electoral victories of Gustavo Petro in Colombia and Lula in Brazil open a new geopolitical era to bring the opportunity to build a new democracy. “New democracy”, what is that? The goal is Latin American integration, forming the “Big Homeland”. That path was the decision of 60 million Brazilian voters. And the other 150 million?

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