‘Alice in Borderland’ and more series returning in December to Netflix

The month of December tends to be special with all the year-end festivities and it wouldn’t be different in Netflix🇧🇷 As a gift to its subscribers, the platform separated several series and movie titles to add to its catalogue.

Among the novelties, there are new episodes of productions that conquered the public, farewell to characters and the debut of new plots.

see below five series highlight for marathoning in the last days of the year.

5 series released in December on Netflix

December 2: Friends Forever (Season 2)

Much to the dismay of fans, ‘Friends For Life’ has been canceled by Netflix. However, its second and final season will be a special farewell, with 16 episodes in all and divided into two parts. The second installment will only be released in 2023.

The series tells the story of the friendship of Tully (Katherine Heigl) and Kate (Sarah Chalke), two very different girls, but who managed to maintain their friendship until adulthood.

December 21: Emily in Paris (Season 3)

A year after moving from Chicago to Paris in pursuit of her dream job, Emily (Lily Collins) is torn apart and must decide where her loyalties lie at work and in her love life.

December 21: Alice in Borderland (Season 2)

Continuation of the Japanese series that conquered fans and the whole world. A gamer and two friends are transported to a parallel version of Tokyo, where they must participate in several deadly games if they want to survive.

December 25: The Witcher: Inception (Season 1)

series derived from ‘The Witcher’success led by Henry Cavill🇧🇷

More than a thousand years before the events of the original production, seven outcasts from the world of elves unite in a mission against a powerful empire.

December 28: Wedding Blind: Brazil (Season 2)

The reality show would have its new season launched on November 30, but it was postponed. It will be split into three parts, with the first episodes coming December 28th. The final two parts will be released on November 4th and 11th respectively.

The second season features a new cast and new relationships. The Brazilian edition of the reality show in which participants are in search of true love. It’s just that they have to choose their future partners without meeting them in person.

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