Ana de Armas wants a new male Bond, alongside stronger women

Since the launch of No Time to Diethe last film of 007 with Daniel Craig (Between Knives and Secrets) on paper, a question hangs over the franchise: who will be the next James Bond? And due to the events of the latest film, many are approaching the idea of ​​an actress to play the role for years to come. Ana de Armas (blonde), however, disagrees.

In an interview, the actress, who was also in the character’s most recent film, said she saw no need to change the gender of the most famous spy in cinema to female. According to her, there is a fantasy and myth around the character that could be brought into new films in different ways and alongside stronger characters played by women.

According to Armas, ideally such roles would have more recognition and substance in the plot of new James Bond films, even if he remains a man. She sees this as more interesting than just a gender-swap in the main character, which she cites as an unwanted change to a well-known protagonist.

Armas, of course, didn’t respond to questions about actors lined up for the new era of agent in theaters, while the position also makes it clear that she herself is unlikely to be involved with the role. The speech also echoes what has been said previously by Craig himself and also by Barbara Brocolli, producer currently in charge of the saga and who also joins the chorus that 007 should remain male, with female characters stronger and more present with him.

It is also her idea that it should still take some time for us to know who will be the new James Bond. According to Brocolli, production on the next spy movie isn’t expected to start for the next two years and, at the moment, there’s no one up for grabs for the role. The speech came in June, in response to different rumors that the first casting calls for the next feature were being made.

The complete James Bond saga, spanning decades of films, stories and actors, is available in full on Amazon Prime Video. This applies even to No Time to Diethe most recently.

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