Before closing with Coudet, Duílio’s staff ‘mellowed’ negotiations with Atlético Mineiro’s plan A for coach


Before Coudet, Galo had a ‘plan A’ in hand to take over from Cuca, however, Corinthians went ahead with a better proposal

Photo: Rodrigo Coca/Corinthians
Photo: Rodrigo Coca/Corinthians

Before closing with Eduardo Coudet, Atlético Mineiro had a ‘plan A’ to make up for the absence of Cuca, who left the team as soon as the Brasileirão ended, with a performance well below what was expected of him. Without a coach, Galo went to the market and even had an ideal name to take over the team in 2023, however, his investments did not work out.

The coach sought by Galo had a team at the helm, and he was doing really well this season. Since the coach had taken over his current team, he achieved a 64.7% success rate, with 20 wins, six pairs and eight defeats in the Brasileirão, these numbers conquered Atlético’s board, which began the attack session.

With the good performance, Fernando Diniz was the name of the day in Cidade do Galo, however, the coach not only received proposals from the team from Minas Gerais, Corinthians was also involved in polls from some Brazilian clubs, two in particular that were left without a coach as soon as the season is over. The information was given by GE, who also emphasized that the two teams offered millionaire figures for Diniz to take over the teams for the 2023 season, even promises from one of them.

However, as much as Galo’s proposal was good, Corinthians ‘invested’ heavily and went further, by offering double the salary and even promising Diniz that he would take a reliable player from Fluminense. Even so, like the staff of Sérgio Coelho and co, Duílio also received no, Fernando Diniz remained at Flu and Galo followed a new path.

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