British cat is named the oldest in the world by ‘Guinness’

The cat Flossie was recognized with the title of “oldest feline in the world” by Guinness World Records — the book of records worldwide. Currently living in London, UK, the animal reached the 27-year-old mark, equivalent to 120 years of life compared to human age.

Flossie’s owner, Vicki Green, described the feline as an “amazing cat”. According to the British woman, the idea that the animal would enter the Guinness never crossed your mind. “I knew from the beginning that she was special, but I didn’t imagine that I would share my house with a world record holder”, she joked.

Despite living with Vicki today, the new record holder has already lived in three different houses. Flossie was adopted with a few months to live by a hospital employee in Merseyside, British county, in 1995. Then, the cat was taken in by the former owner’s sister, who died 14 years later.

Already 24 years old, the feline was adopted by the son of the original owner, who took care of the animal for three years. However, the man had to take her to the Cat Protectionan institution that cares for abandoned cats, as it did not have the necessary conditions to give Flossie a dignified life.

But it wasn’t for long. Within days, the cat was adopted once again, this time by Vicki Green. “If I’m in such good shape at her age and with someone who does the best for me when I need it most, I’ll be a very happy lady.” Guinness🇧🇷

According to Vicki, the orange and black cat is still in great health for her age. Despite having some vision problems and being deaf, the feline quickly adapts to new environments.

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