“BRL 45 million, double salary”; Last-minute bombshell about Léo Pereira’s future takes Flamengo by surprise


Defender had a great season with the Flamengo shirt and became the nation’s favorite

- Leo Pereira
🇧🇷 Photo: Jorge Rodrigues/AGIF– Leo Pereira

O Flamengo It is such a mediatic Club that even during the World Cup, it continues to be talked about on a daily basis. Last weekend, Mais Querido decided not to renew with coach Dorival Júnior and that took everyone by surprise. Many already took the contractual extension for granted, lacking only the signature for the official announcement.

Shortly after the information leaked, Dorival Júnior published a video on his social networks confirming that he was leaving Mengão by decision of the board🇧🇷 Hours later, new news arrived that Vítor Pereira was very close to being confirmed as the new CRF coach and that will really happen. The former Corinthians coach has already accepted the offer and now final details are missing for the announcement.

As for the squad, one player in particular has been gaining a lot of covetousness in the football market after having a great season with the Flamengo shirt. The athlete even won moral with the Nation and became a kind of fan favorite, something that was practically the opposite years ago, especially in the 2020/2021 seasons.

This is Léo Pereira, a defender who was one of the main responsible for Mengão’s excellent campaign in the Copa Libertadores and also in the Copa do Brasil. Three teams from abroad have already sought information about the athlete and are willing to pay a lot to buy him. Of these clubs, two are from the Arab market and the other from Turkey.🇧🇷

Still according to our investigation, those interested are willing to double the player’s salary and values ​​revolving around BRL 45 million should arrive at the red-black table very soon. Flamengo awaits confirmation of the offer to discuss a possible transfer.

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