Co-parenting apps help with child custody after divorce

A novelty in India has helped parents organize child custody in divorce. They are the apps from coparentingwhich make it easier for couples in the process of divorce to communicate and record visits or other situations involving the children, such as visits to the doctor.

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American co-parenting apps are successful in India

The We Parent, Our Family Wizard and Talking Parents apps gain popularity in India and become part of the lives of couples who are in the process of consensual separation or litigious divorces, in which there are conflicts.

By showing positive results, even the courts in India have come to recognize the effectiveness of applications in handling child custody in divorce. Therefore, the parties have been guided to learn how to use the applications.

How do coparenting apps work?

The applications work based on recording information about the child, such as sharing school and medical information, daily activities, such as school banking or private lessons and photos of the child.

The idea is that the party without custody of the child has access to this important information about their children’s daily lives. In the applications, it is also possible to maintain an account with the expenses shared between the parents.

An example of the use of the app happened with the owner of a restaurant in Mumbai, when he requested a clause in the divorce for his ex-partner to update the app in each of his son’s activities so that he can follow the child’s day to day.

In the same line of recognizing the effectiveness of the app, the court of India allowed the clause to be added for the mother, with custody of the child, to update the app.

As lawyer Mrunalini Deshmukh says, co-parenting apps are still new in India. Initially, only non-residents used it, however, more and more Indians have been using the app in divorce proceedings to help raise children without worrying about documentation or constant contacts.

List of most used apps:

  • We Parent;
  • Our Family Wizard;
  • Talking Parents;
  • 2Houses;
  • AppClose.

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