Cristiano Ronaldo scored with a tuft or didn’t touch? Gol de Portugal generates debate; Check images

The millimetric bid was the subject of discussions and divided internet users’ opinions; FIFA scored a goal for the number 7 shirt, but changed its mind and credited Bruno Fernandes as the scorer

Playback/Twitter/@fifaworldcup_ptCristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo celebrated as the goal scorer, but FIFA credited Bruno Fernandes with the goal

In one of the most anticipated games of this Monday afternoon, the 28th, in which the Portugal faced Uruguay at the Lusail stadium, one move in particular divided Internet users on social networks. After a cross by Bruno Fernandes, in the 9th minute of the second stage, Cristiano Ronaldo went up to try and test the ball and push it into the goal. At the end of the move, the ball stopped at the back of goalkeeper Rochet’s net, but the discussion arose as to whether or not Ronaldo touched the ball before it entered the goal. The five times best player in the world celebrated towards the crowd as if the goal was his, which led to fifa to believe it would have been. However, after the bid was broadcast on repeat, the highest football entity rectified the author of the goal and began to credit Bruno Fernandes as the owner of the goal. On social networks, the profile of the Portugal team corrected the information and also started to consider the goal as Bruno Fernandes. The official World Cup account, on the other hand, published an image with the dilemma: Cristiano Ronaldo scored with a topknot or not at all? Debate aside, the number 8 scored another goal in the game and left with the match with a ‘doublet’ – when a player scores on two occasions.

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