Eduardo Bolsonaro says he went to Qatar to take pen-drives about Brazil

Re-elected federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PL-SP) says, in a video that started circulating this Tuesday (11/29) in Bolsonarist groups on social networks, that he went to Qatar to take pen-drives with “videos in English explaining the situation in Brazil”. Target of criticism even from allies since his presence in the country hosting the World Cup was revealed by FIFA’s official broadcast, the son of president Jair Bolsonaro (PL) argues, in the file that he did not disclose on his official channels, that he is doing “international communication”.

The president’s son who was not reelected traveled with his wife to Qatar, but did not inform his followers on social networks. Their presence at the World Cup was revealed when the couple appeared on the broadcast on youtuber Casimiro’s channel, on Monday (11/28). The appearance of the parliamentarian at the Cup revolted Bolsonaristas who are protesting at the door of barracks against the result of the elections and are boycotting the World Cup.

In the video, Eduardo shows a handful of pen-drives and says: “I hope you don’t believe that here in Qatar we only talk about the World Cup. FIFA has more members than the United Nations. The entire press is here.” Look:

The parliamentarian also criticizes allies who “close ranks” with the left and attack him. “Can you not understand the importance of international communication?”, he asks.

See the moment when the Fifa broadcast catches Eduardo Bolsonaro and his wife before Brazil’s match against Switzerland, on Monday:

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