Eduardo Bolsonaro’s diary records that he was in the Chamber while watching the team’s match in Qatar

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Enjoying the World Cup in Qatar alongside his wife, Heloísa Bolsonaro, Eduardo Bolsonaro (PL-SP) will have to give explanations not only to the radical supporters who were revolted by the trip, but also to the Federal Chamber.

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The deputy’s official agenda on the legislative website records that he was at two legislative events this Monday (28), at 9 am, at the National Congress.

However, Eduardo watched Brazil’s victory over Switzerland at 1 pm – Brasília time – at stadium 974, in Qatar.

The fastest flight between Brasilia and Doha is made by Latam and lasts a total of 17h20, with a stopover in Guarulhos. The value is R$ 19,661, round trip.

The cheapest trip – around R$ 14,000 round trip – is carried out by Gol in partnership with Ethiopian Airlines and lasts almost two days, a total of 47h10min, with stopovers in Guarulhos and Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital.

Eduardo’s page on the Chamber’s website shows Bolsonaro’s son “03” was between 9:19 and 11:31 in non-deliberative sessions in honor of Dom Tomás Balduino for Micro and Small Companies in the Chamber’s plenary. The events were blended, enabling virtual participation.


Eduardo Bolsonaro traveled in secret to the World Cup in Qatar, without making a fuss on the networks. However, Bolsonaro’s son and his wife were spotted on the official FIFA broadcast and appeared in Brazil on the YouTube channel of influencer Casimiro, who owns the rights to broadcast the World Cup on the network.

The trip caused revolt among radical supporters of the presidential clan who have been rioting on roads and in front of barracks since Bolsonaro’s defeat by Lula (PT) in the October 30 presidential elections.

The extremists await the signal from the clan, but Bolsonaro remains silent and his sons, especially Eduardo, release few messages, almost always criticizing Lula, the TSE and the STF.

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