Everything you need to know about the Lensa app

A new application has been drawing a lot of attention from users all over the world, and now this popularity has started to arrive here in Brazil. It’s Lensa, an app developed by Prisma whose main focus is to add very interesting effects to users’ photos using Artificial Intelligence.

The use of Artificial Intelligence is becoming quite common in images on the internet, especially in their creation, but it is taking careful steps and many of these images end up being very abstract. However, in the case of Lensa, it adds very beautiful filters and effects, which makes the photos look like a work of art.

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Amazing images, but only on the paid plan


Lensa works in a simple and practical way, all you have to do is send a photo of yourself or someone you want to modify and it will serve as a base photo for various effects to be created using Artificial Intelligence. In the case of Magic Avatars, he uses between 10 and 20 photos to create new and different images.

For free, it allows the user to edit up to 3 photos a day, but it is really focused on its paid options, which are the ones that offer the best effects with AI. Although there are very few free filter options, the ones that stand out the most are part of one of their plans.

There is also the possibility of a 7-day free trial, but in this option all paid functions of the application are not released. This has generated a series of complaints in the app stores, with users reporting that the app is too limited for those who don’t want to pay. Prisma responded that functions like Magic Avatars require the use of a complex Artificial Intelligence system, which requires a lot of computing power and is therefore very expensive.

Among the package options are the one that entitles you to 50 profile photos for R$ 14.99, 100 profile photos for R$ 25.00 and 200 profile photos for R$ 35.99. Remembering that in addition to paying by credit card, you can also use your balance on Google Play or the App Store.

There is also a monthly subscription option that unlocks all effects for BRL 26.99 or an annual subscription for BRL 112.90.

How to use Lensa?


Although the application has several basic editing tools, the main focus of it is the Magic Avatars function, which can appear right away as a highlight on the screen. If this does not happen, you can click on the glowing face symbol in the upper left corner of the screen.

After that, you will select some of your photos. They recommend that you select several, with several different angles. It can be in different places and with different expressions like serious or smiling. You can send 10 to 20 photos. Keep an eye out for the app’s instructions:

  • Minimum 10 photos. Maximum 20 photos.
  • The same person in all the photos.
  • No other people in the photo.
  • Selfies and portrait photos.
  • Assorted backgrounds.
  • Variety of facial expressions.
  • Variety of head angles.
  • No exception of photos (same scenario).
  • No nudes.
  • No kids, adults only.

They explain that the results will depend a lot on how the user follows these requirements. “The type of AI we use in Magic Avatars can cause artifacts, inaccuracies and defects in the resulting images, and this is beyond our control. So please be aware of and accept this risk before proceeding.”

Finally, you will choose your gender from the options Female (female), Male (male) or Other (other). And then you have to choose which package you want to buy. After that, just wait for the results. They are saved in your account and you can access the images at any time.


If you don’t want to pay, you can still use the app as an editor with the free options, although they are more limited. As there is an editing limit of 3 photos per day, the ideal is for you to download the limited images at the end of the day to restart the countdown the next day.

LENSA can be downloaded both for Android from the Google Play Store by clicking here and for iOS from the App Store by clicking here.

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