Ex-Globo reporter sends a very tough message and exposes the hypocrisy of the left in attacks on Neymar (see video)

The journalist Janaina Xavier is one more among the celebrities and celebrities to use the nets to defend the ace Neymar Jr., after the attacks he has been suffering from leftists, in the episode of his injury in the first match of the Brazilian team in the World Qatar.

Xavier, who left Rede Globo in May of this year, where he had been prominent in sports programming for 23 years, published a video on his Instagram recriminating the hypocrisy of those who ‘spread hate’ while mixing elections with football and ‘throwing politics into everything’ .

She does not spare politicians and even hits colleagues in the profession, but makes a direct criticism of Brazilian society, targeting the leftists who attack Neymar while praising players from other countries:

“Brazilians have mongrel syndrome. Why root for a talented athlete, protagonist, winner, star, the best we have. Others are good, Messi, Cristiano, Lewandowski”, said the reporter, who now has her own comunication company.

It’s worth watching the video and showing that little friend of yours who ‘makes the L’ while complaining that ‘others have appropriated the national team shirt’.

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  • Globo artist, representative of the LGBT community, defends Neymar and becomes a target of militancyGlobo artist, representative of the LGBT community, defends Neymar and becomes a target of militancy

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