Find out why you MUST encourage your child to play often

A survey carried out with 1600 families with children up to 10 years old had the objective of analyzing the development cognitive of the little ones and find out what is the relationship that the pranks and childhood fun have on them in the long run. What’s your opinion? Check out what the researchers concluded now.

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playing is good

The research carried out, entitled “Portugal a Brincar II – 2022”, was based on the reality of 1600 families with children up to 10 years old and was carried out by the Escola Superior de Educação de Coimbra in partnership with the Instituto de Apoio a Crianças and the magazine Stars & Hedgehogs.

In the study, it was possible to reach the conclusion that for 17.3% of the groups, playing is important because it promotes the affective and emotional development of the child, while about 11.6% emphasize the development of cognitive skills while 9.7% think that it’s just a fun time.

When asked the families about the average time they dedicate to playing with the children, 27.4% of the interviewees informed that they set aside two to three hours a day. The researchers consider this to be a very short average time for young children, as they tend to have more energy during the day at this stage.

The survey data also showed that parents are increasingly concerned about trying to make their children more connected with nature and external elements, as lately many children are preferring to stay at home with smartphones or watching television.

Pandemic and Covid-19

In the second part of the questions, the pandemic and Covid-19 were the focus. For 67.5% of families, the pandemic situation negatively affected children’s play time. They noticed that the little ones were less willing to do some activities, since there were no partners to play with, but 78.8% of those responsible answered that, because of the confinement, they ended up with more time to play with their children.

The researchers, after analyzing the data and through other research and studies, concluded that “playing is one of the most important and structuring dimensions in a child’s development, which makes perfect sense that we delve into this topic.” This is what Madalena Nunes Diogo, general director of Estrelas & Ouriços, defends.

The director also brought up the fact that more studies are needed and that we need to be more careful, especially in childhood, as this is when children develop their skills better, whether social or cognitive.

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