Ghana is likely Brazil’s rival in the round of 16; see scenarios – 11/28/2022 – Sport

With the second round of the Qatar Cup over, the classification of Group G, Brazil, and Group H allow a glimpse of the likely opponent of the Brazilian team in the round of 16.

In the first knockout phase of the World Cup, the classified from G (Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland and Cameroon) will duel with those who advance in H, composed by South Korea, Ghana, Portugal and Uruguay.

The first of one group faces the second of the other, and vice versa.

Brazil, classified after two victories (6 points) and with a goal difference of 3, will hardly be the champion of Group G after the final games of the bracket, on Friday (2), at 4 pm (Brasília time).

For that to happen, the team will have to lose to Cameroon, and Switzerland (3 points) to overcome Serbia, then going to define the group winner for the goal difference – that of the Swiss is zero.

It could even happen, but it would be time to highlight the old cliché “football is a box of surprises”.

Considering that Brazil comes first, the chance of a duel with Portugal is reduced, since the Portuguese, classified, lead Group H with 6 points and, like the Brazilians, have a three-goal balance.

Portugal only loses leadership if: 1) it is defeated by Korea (1 point), and 2) Ghana (3 points) overcomes Uruguay (1 point) and even surpasses the Portuguese national team in goal difference —the Africans’ goal difference is zero.

Mathematically, all members of the H can come in second, however, within the odds, Ghana is favorite for that position, as it is already there, and to be Brazil’s opponent next Monday, December 5th.

Ghana will be in second place in the group if it beats Uruguay (possible) and Portugal does not lose to South Korea (probable); or if you draw your game (possible) and Korea doesn’t win theirs (probable).

If the confrontation between Brazil and Ghana is confirmed – the final games of Group H are also on Friday, at 12h (Brasília time)–, there will be a repetition in Qatar of the round of 16 of the 2006 World Cup.

In Germany, Brazil won 3-0 (goals from Ronaldo Fenômeno, Adriano Imperador and Zé Roberto) before, in the quarterfinals, succumbing to France by Zidane and Henry.

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