Google releases Chromecast update for first time in three years

Google has released new firmware for the first generation Chromecast for the first time in three years. Launched in 2013, the Chromecast series is an affordable way to equip a TV set with smart TV functions, with apps from an Android or iOS device.

Given that Google’s Cast system is mostly web technology, original Chromecast devices — which don’t come with Google TV — don’t tend to receive frequent updates. The original Chromecast, which is now nine years old since launch, well beyond the life expectancy of a gadget that once cost $35. However, it’s been three years since a firmware release for that first generation .

On Google’s support page it was indicated that Chromecast 2013 received version 1.36.159268 (up from 1.36.157768). Looking at the minimal change in version number, it’s likely that very little is actually different. for users who still keep the original dongle.

Along with this release, Google also announced firmware for the third-generation Chromecast, which was first released in 2018. There should also be few changes to notice, as the minimum increase has gone from 1.56.291998 (from 1.56 .275994). The latest update for this device is from April.

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Google’s official announcement also indicates that Chromecast’s built-in support for Android TV has been updated from 2020 version 1.42.179832 to 1.56.292394. As such, it’s assumed that Chromecast support on Android TV and Google TV devices has been updated much more steadily than the support page suggests, with even newer versions released in recent weeks. In all new versions released, Google briefly mentions bug fixes and improvements, without giving more details.

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