“He even made an offer”; Renato Gaúcho wants to hire Flamengo ‘pupil’

O Flamengo it is certainly one of the centers of attention when it comes to the ball market, precisely because it is treated as the team with the greatest financial power, which would be able to seek bold alternatives. However, in the same way that he calls attention when he wants reinforcements, he also knows that his players, linked or not, have also earned the spotlight.

After securing access back to the elite group of the Brazilian Championship, Grêmio is also eyeing interesting options, even more so knowing that the level of competition is much higher, and cannot again give chance to bad luck. In this way, with Renato Gaúcho in charge, he has been taking surveys in recent weeks, stirring things up behind the scenes.

The curious side of these commander’s wishes is that 4 requests are former Mais Querido players, where the coach had a short passage recently, more specifically in 2021🇧🇷 From this “list”, Alberto Guerra, who won the elections and assumed the presidency of the Gauchos, knows that 2 of them are discarded, but another duo is still on the radar.


1- Diego Alves: the southerners have already canceled any kind of dealings with the 37-year-old goalkeeper, as the board would not have liked last-minute changes to the contract. Due to bureaucratic details, the deal was terminated without a happy ending.

2- Rodinei: the right-back, who shone in Gávea in 2022, was one of the favorites, but forwarded a deal with Olympiacos, from Greece. According to the UOL Esporte website, just a few details separate the defender from signing the bond with the European club.

Still under negotiation:

1-Michael: despite not having made a proposal so far, the striker, currently at Al Hilal, in Saudi Arabia, Imortal knows the conditions required by the Arabs to start any business, so much so that he has maintained direct contact with the player through coach Renato, since both worked together in 2021.

2- Pepe: valued at 1.5 million euros on the Transfermarkt website, the midfielder, who was raised at Flamengo, is currently in Cuiabá, starting there, but is now interested in Grêmio, who even made an offer through Imortal’s football vice-president, Paulo Caleffi.

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