How to create a hyper-realistic avatar with the Lensa app

The Lensa app went viral on social media over the weekend for launching a new feature that lets you create realistic avatars using artificial intelligence (AI).

Called Magic Avatars, the tool manages to make the digital version of anyone, in quality worthy of games. To do this, just upload up to 20 photos.

But there are some guidelines for these photos. The more criteria you meet, the better the final result will be:

  • Minimum of 10 photos and maximum of 20

  • Same person in the pictures

  • No other people in the photos

  • Only selfies and portraits

  • variety of backgrounds

  • Variety of facial expressions

  • Variety of head angles

  • No photo session (i.e. same scenario)

  • No nudes

  • No kids, adults only

Prices vary depending on how many avatars you want to create:

  • 50 unique avatars (5 variations of 10 styles): R$ 22.90

  • 100 unique avatars (10 variations of 10 styles): R$34.90

  • 200 unique avatars (20 variations of 10 styles): R$ 44.90

Payment can be made by credit card or the balance in your Google Play or App Store account.

The app is available for Android and iOS.

How to create an avatar in Lensa

  1. Tap the Magic Avatars icon (glitter face) in the top left corner and then “Try Now”

  1. Tap “Continue” and agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. Then tap “Select 10-20 photos” and upload your photos.

  1. select your genre.

  1. Finally, choose the plan you want and tap “Purchase for R$”.

Now just wait for the app to create your digital versions.

free photo editor

Launched in 2016, Lensa allows you to create images with artificial intelligence and also has a free photo editor. However, you can only edit three photos a day, and at the end of the day, you have to download them to be entitled to three more edits, again, the next day.

In addition, to have access to all the tools, you have to spend BRL 26.99 per month or BRL 112.90 per year. Payment can also be made by credit card or balance on your Google Play or App Store account.

The image editor allows adjustments in general, such as white balance, exposure, contrast, saturation, among others; face editing such as retouching, white teeth, eyelashes, eye size; and background change, for example, blur the background, Bokeh effects and choose other images for the background of the photo and even the sky.

You also find different effects, filters and art styles (a good part paid) to apply to your photos, in addition to the possibility of adding borders and removing unwanted objects.

For the image editor, just tap the + icon on the app’s home screen to add the photos.

Information Collected by Lensa

Prisma Labs, owner of Lensa, informs in its Privacy Policy that it collects different types of information: information that you provide when registering; the ones that the app acquires as you browse through it; and those provided by service providers.

The company also warns that it collects “information about your online activities over time and across third-party websites or other online services (behavioral tracking)”.

In addition, if you are a registered user, Prisma Labs collects more personal data, including email, device ID, date and time of first user authorization, Google Play or App Store account information (user ID and image of profile).

However, the company warns that the data collected is not used for purposes other than those mentioned in the Privacy Policy without the user’s consent.

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