“iPhone 15” should have camera with powerful Sony sensor

THE apple could lead to a great increase for the cameras of the line “iPhone 15”, which should be released next year. According to Nikkei Asiait will feature the latest image sensor from sony — what is most modern for this type of component today.

The company’s new image sensor will be manufactured in Nagasaki (Japan) and will be distributed both to Apple and to other smartphone manufacturers — which will be crucial for the company to consolidate its competitive advantage in high definition photography technology.

As mentioned above, the sensor could result in quite an advance in the images generated by the device, since it practically doubles the saturation signal level in each pixel in relation to the sensors currently on the market.

With this, the sensor is able to capture more light, as well as reduce overexposure and underexposure in certain settings, which allows a person’s face (for example) to be photographed even when against high-intensity light.

If the presence of the new sensor is confirmed, this will be just one of the great advances that the “iPhones 15” cameras will gain, since everything indicates that the 2023 generation will be the first to have a periscope lens.

This novelty — which will give iPhones an optical zoom capacity much greater than the current one —, however, should arrive before the Pro Max model (or “Ultra”, as they are calling it).

O Nikkei it wasn’t clear whether there will be that distinction with Sony’s new sensor, but it’s a possibility that it will also make it to the more expensive iPhone models sooner.

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