James Gunn Explains Rocket Raccoon’s Gift

O Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special is the new production of MCU which arrived last Friday (25) at disney+🇧🇷 Despite being frivolous, the production left doubts for fans who accompanied Rocket Raccoon, receiving the much-desired arm of Bucky Barnes as a gift from Nebula. The director James Gunn was asked on Twitter how the superheroine achieved such a feat. Basically, it went to Earth and, “dominated by the Christmas spirit“, removed the super soldier’s arm; see the answer below:

In Avengers: Endgame, the raccoon already showed interest in the prosthetic arm and asked Bucky the price of his member, who was ignored and swore he would have the arm. It seems that Rocket was a good animal, because in the Christmas episode of Marvel, the space mercenaries exchange gifts with each other and Gamora’s sister presents him with the super soldier’s vibranium member.

Some fans still doubted whether it would be forcing the story and Gunn preferred answer in a good mood. 🇧🇷Not sure how a cyborg with advanced alien technology ripping a human’s arm off over an overabundance of Christmas spirit is a forced inclusion, but it’s now canon sorry🇧🇷

The third film in the franchise is scheduled for release on May 5th🇧🇷

The film will feature the return of the core team formed by Chris Pratt🇧🇷 Zoe Saldana🇧🇷 dave bautista🇧🇷 Vin Diesel🇧🇷 Bradley Cooper🇧🇷 Karen Gillan and Pom Klementieff🇧🇷 Among the novelties of the cast, highlight for Will Poulter as the hero Adam Warlock and Maria Bakalova like Cosmo the Space Dog.

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