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Karen Bachini, 32 years old, published on her YouTube channel an apology for the series of controversial speeches she has had in the last two years. In the video, published on Tuesday (29), the content creator – considered a beauty guru – reinforces that her first poorly seen statement was when she wished that Selena Gomez suffered hate because after testing the singer’s makeup line , Rare Beauty, and not endorsing the products. Among the explanations, Karen showed excerpts from the problematic speeches.

“I hope Selena Gomez gets a lot of hate for that horrible line”

“Today I came to react to the shit I said on the internet and to recant, apologize for them. They were absurd shit, which should not have been said, but happened. I’ll start in the past, with one for which I already apologized many, many times, which was Selena Gomez… I think the start of my stupid lines is at that moment. Instead of me talking about her makeup, I said giant shit. That’s not who I am and who I want to be, I don’t like that kind of attitude. There is no explanation, there is no way for me to explain what was going through my head at that time. I come back to apologize to all Selena’s fans, to everyone who watches me and to Selena , who made a makeup line targeting people who have mobility difficulties and donating part of the profit to them. This shouldn’t have come out of my mouth. It was a very unfortunate part of my life that shouldn’t have existed. Karen said.

For me, who does the biggest job, the hardest I’ve ever seen, is a model. You might think that the farm guy suffers more, but he has his schedule and goes home happy

“The hardest job is modeling. You might think that the guy in the fields suffers the most, but he has his own schedule and goes home happy”

Another video shown by her was the podcast interview diva’s couch, by Diva Depressão, in which he compares the quality of life of models to that of rural workers. At the time, she said: “For me, the person who does the greatest work, the most difficult I’ve seen so far, is a model. You might think that the guy in the fields suffers the most, but he has his schedule and goes home happy. I don’t know if you’ve ever had experience going to the fields, but I have, and I rolled lettuce. It’s difficult work, but it’s manual, manual. At work and an actor and a model, from my point of view, nothing is ever good. If you’re not Gisele Bündchen, you’re a failure. I’m not saying you are, but that’s how the industry sometimes sees you. We know that the pressure on a person’s body is 24 hours a day day”.

About the speech, Karen reflected: “Here I made a very unfortunate comparison. I should not have compared such different professions and manual work that, in my head, I had some experience with it, but I did not have the constant experience. I beg your pardon. I reduced a profession that suffers a lot. What I wanted to say is that models and actresses suffer a lot of psychological pressure, they need to lose weight. The comparison I made was unfair. The experience I had does not portray even a part of what this service is. I need understand more about these jobs and not think they are easier or more difficult because there is no comparison. I was also wrong in saying that the farmer does not suffer psychological pressure, but sometimes it rains, he loses his entire production and he does not know how he is going to pay the expenses. The worst thing is that I knew all about this because my father is a street vendor. In my mind as a futile, white, rich girl, inside the bubble, I didn’t remember these very important things. I don’t even know how to correct this error. ro,” she said.

“In Bali, people have nothing, but they are one of the happiest people I have ever met”

Karen also showed the excerpt of her moment as an interviewer on the podcast DayCastin which, according to her, she “romanticized poverty”: “I went to Bali [na Indonésia] and it was one of the most incredible experiences because there people have nothing. Nothing at all. But they make offerings every day, and they are one of the happiest people I have ever known. They have nothing, not even meat, their food is just rice”.

The content creator said that the interviewee scolded her at the time. “Here, the Gabbie Fadel said ‘let’s not romanticize poverty, which is what I was doing. It was a very elitist view. I wanted to say about living with less. But of course it’s much easier for me, who have privileges and money, to say that I want to be a backpacker with clothes for two or three months if I have somewhere to go back to”, she analyzed.

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