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Did you know that there is an app that turns your photos into super-real avatars? NOTE: not the blue-giants!! Living in an advanced era of the internet, we expected everything, and of course technology would create something to transform you into an avatar almost worthy of appearing in games. O Lensa: Photo Editor uses its artificial intelligence to transform your photos into avatars, you into a character in the virtual world.

The news went viral on social networks, passed by our international colleagues and is arriving at full speed in Brazil. The app is available for iOS and Android, being an image editor for selfies and photo retouching. The application has many filters for photos, it is able to remove any items in the background or do any other necessary editing. The biggest differential of the tool that is calling everyone’s attention is the functionality that creates the image through artificial intelligence.

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The new functionality appears in the upper left corner, the magic avatars🇧🇷 With up to 20 photos of you, the app creates a realistic avatar. But there are some instructions to be followed strictly, such as, for example, being the same person in all photos, in portrait format, containing varied backgrounds, different facial expressions and angles. And obviously, no nudes!

Lensa - Magic Avatars

The new Lensa function is not free

The only big “problem” found to use the Magic Avatars function in Lensa, is the need to pay for the application. There is one 7 day free trial, which features some free items of the tool. And of course, there are already some complaints about this subject in the Google Store. Check out:

Lensa - complaint

But the creator of Lensa, Prisma Labs. inc comments that in order to have the creation of Magic Avatars, the application uses a complex Artificial Intelligence and this requires enormous computing power, which is very expensive.

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For you to be able to generate your avatars you need to choose one payment plan🇧🇷 Prices vary depending on the number of avatars and you can also choose weekly, monthly and annual plans. Check out:

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