New research reveals the world’s most popular honeymoon destinations

A survey by Kuoni, a Swiss travel company, revealed the hottest honeymoon destinations around the world. From places with luxurious seaside resorts to cities full of historic architecture, where newlyweds can embark on an unforgettable journey, there are different types of honeymoons to explore as a couple.

With gleaming white sands, crystal clear waters and some of the most luxurious resorts in the world, the list of the best honeymoon destinations is topped by the much sought after Maldives Islands. With private overwater bungalows, fine beach restaurants and spas, it’s the hottest honeymoon vacation trend for those looking to enter married life in style.

Maldives islands remain as preference among couples for their honeymoon

In second place is Italy, where newlyweds can enjoy the country’s impressive wealth of landscapes. From the gorgeous Dolomite Mountains to the vibrant Amalfi Coast, there are regions for every traveler profile.

Italy and its breathtaking scenery took second place in the ranking

Bali, Greece and Antigua and Barbuda make up the top 5. Bali is known for its laid-back island life, so it’s a perfect honeymoon spot for those looking for a slower pace, whether spending time in the tranquil forest or enjoying sublime sunsets on sparkling beaches with emerald waters.

Bali took third place on the list for honeymooners

Check out the updated ranking of the 10 best countries for honeymoons:

1. Maldives
2. Italy
3. Bali
4. Greece
5. Antigua and Barbuda
6. Malaysia
7. Mexico
8. United Kingdom
9. Dubai
10. Costa Rica

Survey results were collected in September 2022 after analyzing data on honeymoon hashtags on TikTok in over 445 destinations including countries, cities, states and regions around the world.

And you, have you already spent your honeymoon in any of these destinations? Do you hope to travel there with your love? Comment below and participate!

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