New WhatsApp update, ‘Camera Mode’ will make it easier to record videos

The newest update of Whatsapp, available only in the beta version for Android users, will change the way you record videos on the platform and promises to make life easier for those who have the application installed. Worldwide, there are more than 2 billion active users of the Meta network app, Mark Zuckerberg🇧🇷 Keep reading and learn more about the news.

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Camera mode resembles functionality available on Instagram

Currently, to record videos on WhatsApp you have to press the screen and wait for the button to turn red. With the camera mode, a new update in the WhatsApp testing phase, it will be possible to record videos of up to 30 seconds without your finger pressing the screen during all this time.

Now, the camera mode will adopt functionality already present in Instagram, known as hands-free, in which you just need to click once on the screen and the cell phone keeps the recording alone.

Another functionality in the testing phase, which will help in recording videos on the platform, is the possibility of switching between the front and rear cameras without pausing or ending the video, which is the current operating mode.

Test phase

The new update of WhatsApp’s “Camera Mode”, an application from the Meta group, is in the development phase. Therefore, the test phase is only available for the beta version of WhatsApp,, only on Android operating system devices.

For now, just update the app on the Google Play Store and have access to the new feature, which can be used to record statuses or in private conversations.

Year 2022 is marked by WhatsApp updates

The year 2022 is being remarkable in the history of WhatsApp updates. Recently, there were more than 8 important updates released by Meta, among them: the much requested function of “Hide online status”, leave groups silently or the possibility of hiding your image, message and status for saved contacts, not just for those that you don’t have the number.

Now, users want new updates to provide more privacy in the app, like hiding the word ‘typing’ when someone writes a message. Let’s see if the app developers will fulfill this request!

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