Neymar’s ideal replacement presents itself. And he will play against Cameroon too. With Brazil classified, Tite will spare starters – Prisma

Doha, Qatar

“Don’t compare me to Neymar.

“If I can do half of what Neymar does, I’ll be good enough, for everything he does and because he’s our best player. Everyone is aware of that.

“But, if Professor Tite puts me to play in the position he occupies, I will play.

“Today I felt good. Whenever I’m on the pitch I know I can help the team.

“They [suíços] posed a lot of difficulty for our team. We continue to do our job.

“And I managed to give Casemiro the pass to score.”

Rodrygo was surrounded by journalists in the mixed zone of the 974 stadium.

He couldn’t stop smiling at the praise for his football.

The 21-year-old knew he had changed the entire landscape of the game. Accelerated the pace of Brazil, which began to attack Switzerland, seeking the winning goal.

And, with the delay in Neymar’s recovery, the young Real Madrid striker proved on the pitch to be the best option to replace the number 10.

“I’m a confident player and I’m very happy to be here and to be able to help the national team. It’s a dream to be playing in the World Cup and having done my part. But I hope to be able to do much more.”

Speaking spontaneously, Rodrygo shows that everything that lives in Real Madrid has prepared him for the responsibility of playing in the World Cup.

Not afraid to try dribbles, sprints. And different passes.

“It seems that the ball sticks to his foot”, praised, yesterday, Tite.

The coach knew that the pressure on Rodrygo would be enormous, after his great performance.

And, smart, I wanted to ease the pressure on him.

“Who won today was the process. It was the time of four years of using athletes so that they can develop, have naturalness, even young people, taking advantage of their clubs and having opportunities. Otherwise, it is very difficult”, he said, vaguely. , without going deeper.

Rodrygo has everything to start on Monday against Cameroon.

Because Tite should spare some players for the round of 16, elimination matches.

Thiago Silva, Casemiro, Alex Sandro, Fred (with a yellow card) and Raphinha are candidates to be rested against the Africans.

“If we play the next game, the next one, in the round of 16, there will be a shorter recovery time. We have to think about it, but the Technical Commission is aware of what we have to do to get well”, warned Thiago Silva.

The captain of the Brazilian national team, aged 38, knows that it would be great for him and other players to rest. Avoid the wear and tear of an intense game against Cameroon.

And Tite will keep some players.

Good for those who rest.

And great for anyone joining the team.

Rodrygo is more than guaranteed as a starter.

He doesn’t even know how long.

No one is sure how long it will take Neymar to recover.

And whether it will be ready to continue disputing the Cup.

The final will be in just 20 days…

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