“Not going to Corinthians, going to Flamengo is…”; Duilio cancels deal and Corinthians midfielder negotiates with CRF


Timão understands that the transaction is very expensive and will not make a proposal

- Duilio and Lacy
🇧🇷 Photos:Rodrigo Coca/Agência Corinthians and Alexandre Vidal/Flamengo– Duilio and Lacy

Corinthians and Flamengo starred in several episodes this season. On and off the field. In recent days, a bombshell with Vítor Pereira’s move to Rubro-Negro took everyone by surprise. The Portuguese commander had left Timão claiming that there were no personal problems and justifying that this was the only reason for the decision.

Just over 15 days later, the coach is one step away from signing a contract with Flamengo valid for one season. Fiel, of course, revolted and treats the situation as a betrayal. The coach will need to explain the reason for the sudden change, considering that he was treated very well at Parque São Jorge and everyone would like him to stay.

But the subject of Flamengo and Corinthians does not stop there and there is yet another movement involving the two clubs. All because the club from Rio is trying to hire Talisca, an openly Corinthians attacking midfielder. The player is in Arabia and is a request from Vitor Pereira to Flamengo, as reported by journalist Samir Carvalho.

The athlete earns around R$ 5 million per month in Al-Nassr🇧🇷 Returning to Brazilian football has always been an option. Flamengo has money to invest and will do everything to succeed in negotiations. Corinthians, which has always opened its doors to the player, is not inclined to make any kind of move at this time, due to the cost of the operation.

In 2021, during the participation of an ESPN program, Talisca said that she has the dream of defending the colors of Corinthians: “A club that I’m a fan of and I’ve always made it clear that it’s a dream to wear the Corinthians shirt🇧🇷 said🇧🇷

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