Pastor Malafaia denies that he sent people to the front of barracks

Pastor Silas Malafaia, leader of the Vitória em Cristo Assembly of God and political ally of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), denied on video that he had sent supporters to the front of Army installations, where coup demonstrations have been held since the victory of president-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT).

“I challenge anyone to prove that I sent someone to the barracks door. I didn’t send anyone to the barracks doors. In a video from 11/17, I say ‘who is the criminal? Alexandre de Moraes or the people?’ video, quite the contrary, I say that the demonstrations are wrong. They are not at the doors of the barracks, they have to be in front of the National Congress”, said Malafaia, classifying the fact as “absurd of absurdities”.

“I’m not a hypocrite. Every demonstration I told people to participate in, I was there: September 7 last year and this year,” he added.

On Friday (25), actor and comedian Gregorio Duvivier, a supporter of Lula, reposted alleged images of Malafaia and a message that accused the evangelical leader of sending “people camping at Army HQ while enjoying a luxury resort with their wife“. Next, the comedian who is part of the cast of “Porta dos Fundos” published a new image of Malafaia and joked: “What is the name of this barracks that Malafaia is sitting in front of [?]🇧🇷

The messages angered Malafaia, who called Duvivier a “coward and a hypocrite”.

“Duvivier, you belong to the caviar left: you like a [classe] business and first class planes and five-star hotels, but wants people to live under socialism. Do you like the executive [companhia aérea] TAP, right?”, said Malafaia, who concludes the video saying: “I am free. With my money, I do what I want.”

After the defeat by Lula, on October 30, supporters of Bolsonaro started coup demonstrations, calling for disrespect for the results of the polls and military intervention to prevent the inauguration of the president-elect.

As part of the coup demonstrations, highways were blocked and camps were set up in front of Armed Forces installations, in different parts of the country.

The Minister of the STF (Federal Supreme Court) Alexandre de Moraes has already stated in a decision that asking for a coup can constitute a crime of violent abolition of the democratic rule of law, whose penalty can be from four to eight years in prison. The magistrate ordered the blocking of the bank accounts of 43 individuals and companies suspected of financing the acts.

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