Powerful footage: Video shows bodies of civilians being collected from the streets of Kherson

residents of kherson watched desolately on Friday the 25th as the emergency services collected the bodies of their neighbors and relatives killed in a series of air strikes russians🇧🇷

Natalia Kristenko’s corpse lay covered in a blanket outside her apartment building for hours during the night.

At first, city officials were too overwhelmed to recover as they responded to a barrage of deadly attacks that rocked the southern city of Kherson. Ukraine🇧🇷

The 62-year-old woman left her home with her husband on Thursday night after drinking tea when the building was hit.

Kristenko was killed instantly with a head wound.

Her husband died hours later in the hospital from internal bleeding.

“The Russians took the two most precious people from me,” said her heartbroken daughter, Lilia Kristenko, 38, clutching her cat inside her coat as she watched in horror on Friday as rescuers finally arrived to transport her mother to the morgue.

A hail of missiles hit the newly liberated city of Kherson for a second day on Friday, in a marked escalation of attacks since Russia withdrew from the city two weeks ago after an eight-month occupation.

This comes as Russia steps up the bombing of Ukraine’s power grid and other critical civilian infrastructure in an attempt to tighten the screw on Kiev🇧🇷

Authorities estimate that around 50% of Ukraine’s power facilities were damaged in recent attacks.

Russian bombings killed 15 civilians from 20 to 25 November and injured 35 others.

Russian shelling of parts of the Kherson region recently recaptured by Kiev forced authorities to transfer patients from hospitals to other areas, according to the Ukrainian governor of Kherson, Yaroslav Yanushevitch.

Some children were taken to the southern city of Mykolayiv and some psychiatric patients went to the Black Sea port of Odesa, which is also under Ukrainian control, Yanushevych wrote in Telegram.

“I remind all Kherson residents who want to evacuate to safer regions of Ukraine can contact regional authorities,” he said.

Soldiers in the region warned that Kherson would face intensified attacks as Russian troops advanced across the Dnieper River.

Dozens of people were injured in attacks that hit residential and commercial buildings, setting some on fire, spraying ash into the air and littering the streets with shards of glass.

The attacks wreaked havoc in some previously unaffected residential neighborhoods in the war that has just entered its 10th month.

After Kristenko’s parents were hit, she tried to call an ambulance, but there was no phone network, she said.

Her 66-year-old father was holding her abdominal wound and screaming “it hurts so much I’m going to die”, she said.

He was eventually taken by ambulance to the hospital, but died during surgery.

On Friday morning, people were rummaging through what little remained of their destroyed homes and shops.

Containers of food lined the floor of a rundown butcher shop, while across the street customers lined up at a cafe where residents said four people had died the night before.

Later in the day, a woman was killed, presumably due to a rocket hitting a nearby lawn.

His motionless body lay on the side of the road.

The violence is compounding what has become a dire humanitarian crisis.

As the Russians retreated, they destroyed key infrastructure, leaving people with little water and electricity.

Kherson’s population has declined to around 80,000 from its pre-war level of nearly 300,000.

The government has said it will help people evacuate if they want, but many say they have nowhere else to go.

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